To be fair, while WPA2 being broken a bit does quite distract from the fact that after your router there is a rather hostile place called the internet where every spook and big corp of this planet is rather interested in your traffic.

Industry strength mitm proxies and DPI equipment kinda make the 'hacker in your home network' look like lil' bobby tables from next door who accidentally ran a little script he found on pastebin.

Even if there's no WPA2 flaw and you patched everything: use E2E!

@ckeen ^ this.

Sure, it's a horrible flaw, but people are panicking for all the wrong reasons. I especially roll my eyes at the "people can read your traffic" argument. Heard that a lot when doing Freifunk, "ohhh but the network is not protected". Erm... yeah... they just forget that behind that router comes the entire Internet.

I am more concerned with security issues in the upper layers. As you said, use E2E.

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