I cannot believe I am actuall using my 40% at work...

@ckeen I just looked up 40% keyboards.


I lived through the 1980s when there were tiny keyboards on computers with strange layouts. I'm not sure I want to go back to that. 😁

@craigmaloney I cannot even emulate how awful those chicklets must have been

@ckeen They were similar to calculator buttons. Worst part was the printing on the buttons was the first thing to rub off. :)

@ckeen @craigmaloney I need to build one of these soon.

I have a layout already (been using daily on my iPhone to get comfortable with it since last July) and half the parts...

@ckeen @crc @craigmaloney I'll stick with my Das Keyboard for now, thanks. ;)

Although, for the Kestrel computer project, it might be fun to have a customized keyboard some day. Say, something with a layout similar to (but better than) a TI-99/4A.

@ckeen @crc @craigmaloney I won't, I promise!

BUT, that said, this looks like a nice keyboard. 68keys.io/ Very close to what I had envisioned.

@vertigo @crc @craigmaloney A didn't know about that one, it is similar to clueboard.co/ though which I like (haven't build one yet)

@ckeen @craigmaloney is that a Gherkin? I so want one of these. do you know anyone who has one in Berlin I really want to touch one in person....

@wakest @craigmaloney That's a self made gherkin, it is handwired. And I have an file for it if you like for the sandwich casing.

@ckeen @craigmaloney do you have pictures of the wiring? Maybe I would like to try making one too!

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