@Vopo right half second row from top, third key from right on function layer.

That is awesome! Can you share some details about it? Did you make it? If so what kind of keys and where did you get the main board? I've been thinking about making a keyboard recently. Thanks in advance for sharing 😁

@darth_tulkas It's an atreus designed by @technomancy atreus.technomancy.us/

I did mine on my own and handwired it, but you can also get a kit.

I used MX-Blue switches and PMK blank PBT DSA caps

@ckeen I need to look at this more closely. It's very similar to one of the physical keyboard layouts I've been working on.

@crc The default layer is almost perfect for me. I love the numpad placement of the keys. Makes typing in numbers super easy.

@ckeen is it possible to try out such a keyboard for a week without buying?

@krono I think there are some people that have built this that are located in Berlin, so maybe ask on the atreus ML?

@ckeen That's a thing of beauty! How did you build it? g-codes? Parts? <3

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