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Anchorhead (no spoilers) 

Argh a maze, I forgot how dumb mazes are...

I wish it would be a bouncy day not a boundary day :)

Hah! Just found out that you can suggest sticking to summertime in the eu consultation.

You know what to do...

Morning beautiful people.

No one is entitled to your space. It’s ok to let people earn that privilege. It’s ok to have boundaries.

Switched my default search engine to, you can do it too!

@kensanata I have found a peculiar issue with your site.
curl gopher://


curl gopher://

Does not and I fail to see my mistake. In my own client it works though, so I am not sure what's going on.

Also your menus don't end with

'.\r\n' :)

[x] coocked pumpkin curry
[x] opened up wine
[x] watched awesome talks
[ ] Implemented Z-Machine in


I have just bought it. They packaged glulx as electron app, so on linux it is a 64MB download for 12MB of game file... srsly?

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Wow Mike Gentry hasa made a new release of ANCHORHEAD!! If you knew this and didn't tell me, shame on you! This is so awesome!

Eight years after austerity officially began, UK food banks are still on the increase. It's the longest food crisis since the naval blockades of WW2, but is rarely mentioned in the news, perhaps because it has become so normalized.
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