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Hi, I'm Carli and I don't know how I ended up here, but I like it a hell of a lot better than Twitter, so I'm giving it an honest try. So far so good!

I mostly post nonsense/mysterious garbled text to entertain myself with and I talk about my cat (William Catner) often. I try to be one of the "cool nerds" but I am not. (HAHA, "LINUX" AM I RIGHT?? Oh god, I'm so lonely. Please give me internet friendship!)

So here's what's happened since the last time I tooted:

I quit my retail job.
I opened up a FB page for my art and am staying afloat by doing commissions. So far so good!

I'm working really damn hard getting my mental health in check. Not having to report to a soul sucking place every day is helping!

I cut off like 10 inches of my hair and went blooondeeee.

I'm going to audition to be a extra for Netflix's Lost in Space tomorrow morning lmao.

it's 33 degrees here and i am melting

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Applied what I learned from watching a million tutorials. I'm tired, but this came out alright!

A&W's vegan burger is delicious and I want to try more Beyond Meat things. Even my boyfriend likes that burger and he's all about them animal gutz.

I ordered it with cheese though, which kinda defeats the purpose, but wutevs.

My bloated corpse is now clothed!!!!
I had a hard time taking a picture because the bathroom mirror is being occupied!

Also, my Mastodon shirt is heeeere and it smells like vinegar! (printing process, I have a lot of shirts that came with that smell lol)


Does anyone else just randomly projectile vomit when dealing with the government? It can be something pleasant but I will still puke on whatever agent I am dealing with.

I had a weird dream last night that I had to get professional pictures done, and when they came back, I had a mustache from eating chocolate in all of them and FELT SHAME!


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Depression is a bitch, but I drew something today for the first time in a very long time, so that's good.

I finally tried out Krita and it's AMAZING. I'm completely blown away. Anyway, here's a fat chocobo because I'm obsessed with FFXIV lately!

On that same tangent, Facebook lets you permanently delete your page! YESSSSSSS

Goodbye toxic wasteland!

Some dumb dude I grew up with has been trying to get in contact with me/messaging chicks I haven't talked to since high school/a decade because of BAD BLOOD because he wants to know if my family's bakery is open/hoping to get free shit.

I was very curt in my reply to said high school girl. Bakery is closed. I no longer use social media. Goodbye!

People only talk to me when they want something and I'm not that pushover any more.



The cat was hanging out on my lap but as soon as he heard Kellan gently move on the bed, he was gone to go get pets from a new person.

Cats, am I right? *sob*

Since I am out of work for the next month and a bit, money is tight and I am in charge of feeding us. Cooking is really hard when you have depression and are too anxious to deal with regular grocery store folks, so I am planning on simple easy thing that will be healthy but also appease my very MEAT AND POTATE bf.

He can't eat beef right now, so it's a CHICKEN BONANZA!

I'm meal planning for the week and I'm craving simple German dishes.

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