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Hi! Thanks to a bunch of new folks for following me here, but I've moved over to my own instance for now to help lessen the load on this one. You can follow me there @casey. 👋

I think I've got this all set up so go follow and bear with me for now

@enkiv2 @tinysubversions @muffinista oh I just meant I had seen some unrelated folks talking about it on here over the weekend. not sure if it's made its way into GitHub issues where it could actually do something.

@enkiv2 @tinysubversions @muffinista I don't think there is right now but I believe there's been some discussion about at least making a public local timeline. an option for a user directory would also make sense to me on the /about/more page

@aparrish yep our daily scrum is at 7am west-coast time :( I try to do camera on as much as possible because team player, etc but occasionally I'm just like "no, sorry, this isn't happening today"

@rustyk5 I was just trying to get my instance fixed

Love to be a huge face with a huge zit on a video screen at morning scrum :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

@rustyk5 @sarahjeong @catte @tinysubversions I almost managed to do it on DigitalOcean today! Just getting an error page right now, need to figure out why

@sarahjeong you : Mastodon :: Robert Scoble : Google Glass

@tinysubversions @muffinista the timeline has been struggling to keep up all day bc of server load. I think it's a known issue, but it seems like at least local toots are streaming to timelines faster now and federated toots are coming from a separate set of workers

. o O ( I want a masto instance )
*creates server*
*installs nginx, postgres, docker*
*points domain to server*
*waits for DNS propagation*
*requests SSL cert*
*forgets what I was doing*

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@fluffy yeah, I'm in the process of working my way up to a variety of things. I was doing $20 to one person but wanted to diversify and also needed to reduce my total monthly spend bc of ~life changes~

@caseynewton how long before I can boost a pope toot

For a long time I felt weird about the idea of pledging $1 to things on Patreon but the more I think about it $1 is better than $0? And if there are 100 or 500 people who think the same way that can add up

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@ct my desires are... unconventional

just ordered 200 of these in 2 different colors. home ownership is lit

@sonya Heroes of the Storm, which is kind of like League of Legends?

I'm in a new home and I'm watching esports, what else could I ask for tbh