Blog post: The practical people problem with instance diversity in the Fediverse

tl;dr: Most people don't care (they just want to join the Fediverse) and even if they care, they mostly don't know enough to make good choices, at least the first time around.

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@cks If fediverse wants to diversify, I wouldn't be surprised if the best way would be to go the pixiv/pawoo route: Mastodon/fedi access as a value added service instead of the main draw. Similar to how back in the day you would get primary email through work or your ISP, then later switch to gmail/yahoo/etc.

in terms of just wanting to join the fediverse with minimal obstructions (i.e. getting out there to people, dealing with inter-instance blocklists, etc), joining a non-flagship instance is semi-harmful for new users.

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