I just went on an hour and a half walk outside for the first time since February. In related news, I now have a blister.

(I've been biking since then, but not for as long and anyway pedaling doesn't rub my feet in the way that walking does.)

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In my hour and a half walk through side streets, I saw almost no one wearing a mask. Many of the people I saw masked were professionals (eg delivery people), possibly all of them.

I'm not feeling very optimistic about Toronto staying as open as we are now. Hopefully I'm being too pessimistic.


@cks When I have to go to a grocery store, I try to hit up a Chinatown one or go on a Sunday morning when there are fewer people and proportionately more masks. YMMV.


@thatdawnperson This was (fortunately) not a grocery trip; the people I observed were just out strolling. The independent supermarket I go to during the week (in the daytime, fortunately my work lets me do this) insists on everyone wearing masks, and most people use their own instead of relying on the disposables that the supermarket hands out to people without.


@cks The recommendation here (finally!) is to wear masks in places you otherwise can't keep distance, e.g. indoors and especially on public transport.

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