@rachel i'm still not 100% clear on the part that makes it necessary to go through 40 years of PC* evolution every time we boot (BIOS) or provision (TFTP) a vm in the "cloud".

but then, i've built clouds, and i know they're based on, and held "together" with sh scripts, so…

*how do ARM or MIPS boot?
Go did Alpha boot?


@hirojin @rachel MIPS generally booted with something like UEFI but command-line based. Old Unix systems in general had whole mini-OSes as their 'BIOS' (eg Sun's Open Firmware/Open Boot). PC BIOS is the exception for Unixes in how basic and primitive it is, which is due to its origins. Sadly we're basically stuck with it now.

(UEFI is kind of an attempt to move to the old Unix mini-OS model of boot firmware.)

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