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okay, the target of Canadian programmers is pretty small, but I'm sure they will all find this hilarious.

@aza_leah My memory is that it's single pass. However, I have a caution: use mdadm to zero the superblocks on the old drives after you remove them, unless you're going to immediately shut down the system and pull them out. I neglected that step and at one point my system rebooted using an old drive for my raid array instead of the new ones (fortunately I noticed right away).

@georgieboy It gets used here so people can have X desktop sessions from Windows and other non-Unix machines. Some people may also use it as a graphical screen/tmux, but I think that's a lot less common if it happens at all.

(But some people sure do leave their sessions running for a very long time.)

Try our app, it's exactly like our website down to the pixel except for how it accesses your contacts, location, microphone, pictures and camera and it's not always nagging you to try our app.

@georgieboy I will never forget the time I diagnosed the cause of a Unix vendor's kernel hang from the source code one of their engineers pasted into my bug report by accident.

@georgieboy I think the rule for anything involving Oracle is 'no jury (of your peers) would convict'.

(I am still sad about them swallowing Sun.)

It's probably time to start moving my Go projects to (Go) modules. It's yak-shaving, but it's good for the ecosystem as a whole.

(Releasing a 1.0 still feels scary, though, even for things that haven't changed in ages.)

@ceejbot Many years ago I once had an extremely valuable learning experience at work about how even signed large-value contracts are advisory, not things that determine what will actually happen. (It was also an experience about how vendor salespeople will sometimes straight up lie to you, up to and including in contract terms.)

Given the typical state of Toronto's roads, it turns out that all I have to do to slow down my biking to a nice slow rate is attach my cargo trailer on. Keeping the rattling down is a great motivator for going slowly and carefully.

@georgieboy You got me to register for Shodan and poke around at what it says about us, which turned up interesting results. It seems to not be very good at finding things that I know are there; perhaps our firewall rules are managing to block its scans somehow.

(Or the university-wide firewall is doing something.)

@georgieboy Don't ask how many people run websites on our networks, or at least what looks like our networks from the outside world.

(At least outside people can't see the IPMIs and appliances with expired or never-valid self signed certificates and etc etc.)

In the office at work, it's been years since I really wanted to listen to music while working. Now that I'm working from home all the time, I have an increasingly itchy urge for music, perhaps just to add some background noise to make me feel less isolated.

Now I need to find some streaming music sources for classical, ambient, and/or anime music (ideally shoutcast/icecast, since that's easy for me to play).

It has been '0' days since I shot myself in the foot with a systemd 'Requires=' clause. As usual, the foot shooting was because if systemd restarts your required unit, yours restarts too.

(In this case I had 'Requires=postfix.service' and no, not really.)

The good thing about working from home and thus not doing much commuting biking is that my commuter's brake pads are still in good (enough) shape, despite not being replaced yet the way they normally would have been by now.

(And there is a local bike shop if I need to get them replaced soon.)

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Going grocery shopping in Toronto on a weekend was nowhere near as terrible an experience as I'd been expecting; there were basically no lineups. Either people are spreading out their grocery shopping across the week or stores are allowing more people in at once (or both).

Whenever I have to leave a voicemail message, I always pre-write a script for it because if I try to come up with a message on the fly it invariably comes out kind of incoherent, and sometimes leaves things out.

In related news, I dislike having to leave voicemail. Just let me send you an email message, I'm effectively writing it anyway.


@georgieboy These days I just assume no one actually handles abuse reports (at least from mere mortals like us). If their automated monitoring doesn't think there's something wrong and no one major enough to get their attention blocks them, it all goes into a black hole.

I am cynical and grumpy. I try not to think about it much, it's better for me not to.

The current world situations have at least had one good effect; I've pretty much stopped looking at the news.

(I don't need to know details of train wrecks in progress and I am mentally better off not absorbing them.)

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