This isn't November weather for Toronto, this is January weather. I and my bike are grumpy. (Well, my bike is sleeping, but it's sleeping grumpily.)

@gnomon Yep. I wasn't sure I believed Environment Canada's 10-15 cm of snow warning, but with snow already starting to come down this morning there was no chance I'd risk it.

(Someday I may get studded tires. Until then, I have had several too many close calls and falls on snow and ice.)

@georgieboy I'll never forget the time I correctly diagnosed the problem and fix for a Unix vendor's kernel bug from the source code they accidentally pasted into the bug report.

(They forgot to advance through a linked list in a while loop. The bug wasn't as obvious as it sounds: )

It looks like Toronto's weather is going to deliver my first non-bike commute of the fall tomorrow.

One of my silent UNIX heroes: make(1), written by Stu Feldman in 1976 “I didn’t fix the tab-in-column-1 because I quickly had a devoted user base of more than a dozen people and didn’t want to upset them.” :-)

A likely work machine room AC failure on a day I'm working from home: did I win big or lose big? It depends on your perspective, but my co-workers are probably having an exciting time right now.

(I can't be sure what's wrong, but a temperature climb from 22 C to 30 C in 15 minutes is not a good sign.)

@georgieboy Our latest finphishing cloned someone's signature block, too, which shows some reasonably decent advance scouting. I was a bit alarmed by that; with some more work they could have made it very hard to tell in typical mail clients.

@georgieboy Given what mobile browsers are doing to the visibility of web page URLs plus how many 'you must authenticate' web services we have, I basically assume that a lot of our users can be phished by anyone who tries hard enough.

(Some spammers are starting to work that hard, but they're not doing phish spam, they're doing the 'please can you do me a favour' manual spam.)

remember remember the fourth the fifth
the minor fall and the major lift
the gunpowder the treason hallelujah

Welcome to winter standard time, when it gets dark at 5pm. We hope you like the dark because you're going to be seeing a lot of it.

Hallowe'en in Toronto: Torrential Rain. Possible Snow. 80kph winds.


For fully productive working from home, I need to build up a VM host at work that I can use remotely. VMWare Workstation is great if I'm at my office workstation, but not really otherwise.

A useful feature of the modern Internet is that it can deliver you a cornucopia of pictures of what normal backs of throats look like. Well, whatever the magic algorithms consider to be that, at any rate.

@_xhr_ I don't usually promote my own stuff, but it sounds like you might appreciate my "colorless" scheme for vim. Based on the acme-colors scheme, it uses the terminal's default colors, with bold/italic to distinguish keywords, comments, constants, etc.

I accidentally left out the extra cinnamon I usually add to my breakfast of instant oatmeal with (frozen) blueberries, and wow it made much more of a difference than I expected. And the difference wasn't just taste; the whole thing reacted differently when I added the hot water.

(The bowl is a lot cleaner than usual afterward, though, since there aren't little bits of cinnamon still clinging to the sides and bottom.)

us labor pol 

Me: hey dog what are you doing

Dog, with money in mouth: DISRUPT

Me: cool cool what's your business plan



As an expat living in Canada, the more I live here, the more I'm convinced I'm actually stuck in some kind of cryptic horror nightmare country that's subtly and slowly eating away at me.

@ttyS1 Interesting; I just updated to the official Mozilla FF 70 for Linux, and in my X session the icon looks unchanged from before.

(It's possible there's a subtle change. In my unofficial build, the globe changed to what looks like a star field, so maybe the official icon changed the globe too and I just can't see it because of the fox in the foreground.)

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