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I need you to consider the possibility that describing people as heroes is a way of making their deaths look like a socially palatable choice that they made themselves, and not a systemic institutional failure in which survivors have been complicit.

Seasonal allergies: check
Seasonal prescription for the good allergy medicine: oops.

I've been distracted. Hopefully something can be arranged.

Tor is offering all four of Martha Wells excellent Murderbot novellas for free in ebook form over the next four days. I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this; the first one was great when I read it.

Ah yes, the traditional Toronto mid-April weather of (checks notes) blowing snow flurries with gusting wind. Working from home has some perks; I don't have to bike in this.

Toronto's situation is upending the usual rules of on-street bicycling that I'm used to. Keep right and hold a consistent line? Not any more; now it's at least the middle of the lane, and moving in and further out if necessary to keep at least six feet of separation from people on the sidewalk or whatever.

(And if current car traffic mean there's no room, I stop if possible to wait for the street to clear more.)

It definitely felt like face mask and face cover usage was up significantly from last week in my local nice independent supermarket here in Toronto. It's not universal, but a lot more shoppers seemed to be using them.

(Many foods were back in stock but not all, and the toilet paper section remains devastated. Hopefully supply chains will adjust there before too long.)

Now would be a really good time to be capable and equipped for doing my own bicycle maintenance. Fortunately the bikes are in okay shape as it is.

(I can change a tire, slowly. Don't ask me to, say, change brake pads. Not that I have new brake pads anyway.)

Just had a particularly on the nose example of metaphors communicating purpose.

My colleagues set up a Discord server for people to continue socialising from home if they want, and there was a bunch of debate about what was appropriate for Slack vs Discord, whether sensitive internal stuff could be discussed, etc.

Somebody renamed the Discord server to be the name of the pub opposite the office, and there were no further questions.

My next quest is to figure out how to get TCL/TK to use larger cursors on my HiDPI display, because right now they're miniscule. It's not fatal but it's annoying.

(HiDPI is like that on Unix.)

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Current status: getting my work exmh configured to display properly on my home HiDPI screen. Through X forwarding over SSH. Yes, I still use all of X forwarding, exmh, and MH.

(exmh is my most productive way to read my mail, although it's long in the tooth by now. Perhaps emacs mh-e mode would also work well, but I'd have to set that up more or less from scratch for my wacky MH setup.)

It is no joke amazing how much better news websites are to read if you disable Javascript.

I just told my manager (and got approval) that if I cannot commute to work by bike due to weather or other reasons, I'm working from home. Until things in Toronto (and the world) clear up, the TTC is off the menu. Sorry, TTC.

(That I can do this is a privilege, but since I can use it I will do my little part to perhaps slow everything down and mitigate.)

Biking to work today was definitely the right choice, despite the drizzle and the lingering issues that kept me off the bike for much of this mild Toronto winter.

(Also, staying out of large dense gatherings of people, aka 'a TTC train or bus', is only going to become a better and better idea over time.)

I know some of us are having shitty times so I offer you this montage of my silly dog rolling in the sunshine, please enjoy

The imminent Let's Encrypt massive certificate revocation is certainly going to show who checks for revocations at all. (At least one major browser does not, so its users probably won't even notice.)

It's probably an inevitable feature of our detailed metrics dashboards that they slowly pick up more and more graphs and panels as I try to find new aspects to understand problems.

(Overview dashboards I try to keep lean, but detailed ones, if something seems to be saying useful things, it goes in.)

oh, there's a glorious idea. putting all the ugly miscellaneous code in dragons.c instead of util.c.
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