Converting Standard Sheet Music in a PDF File into Clairnote Notation

Andrés Megías shows how to convert a PDF file (of Burgmüller's "La Pastorale") into Clairnote music notation using Audiveris, MuseScore, and LilyPond.

Creating Clairnote Sheet Music with MuseScore, Frescobaldi, and LilyPond

New blog post by Andrés Megías, a step by step guide on how to create sheet music in Clairnote music notation.


An Argument for Alternative Accidental Signs

Some thoughts on the benefits of alternative accidental signs in Clairnote SN and DN.

Defaulting to Clairnote SN — now presenting Clairnote SN by default instead of Clairnote DN, while still fully representing and supporting both variants.

Clairnote Website and GatsbyJS — the Clairnote music notation website is now built with GatsbyJS, offering speedier page loads and other improvements.


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