Have you ever woken up on a Tuesday and completely forgotten what you did on Blurnsday? Happens to me /all the time/

YouTube gets a lot better when you think of it as "thumbs up" and "thumbs up from Australia"

:toot: Love to save 32 bytes in the most common case per serialized object :toot:

@clank0tron I'm joking, of course. Nobody has a bright future in the games industry

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Based on my kid's demands in the Mario Maker levels I make for him, he's got a bright future in the games industry as an external producer

"Let's get that paper", I say as I head to the stock room in the whitest way possible

Show me a game that didn't ship with any hacks and I'll show you a team that isn't trying

In case anyone's wondering how I resolved this internal conflict this weekend...

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This whole thing with unity licensing issues has made me want to "just" make my own engine. Like, I am under no illusions that it's easy but when your choice is to worry about multi-platform programming or having your license altered with no recourse, rolling your own becomes a bit more appealing.

Indie games, inspiration 

Has anyone had trouble getting inspired for a second release after releasing your first? I've made tons of prototypes but can't seem to get excited about any of them for too long. I started my first game b/c I didn't like my job and I like my current job so I hope that's not causal.

I should have asked, do people toot banal things on here or are we more content/information focused? I mostly follow smart people who have lots of interesting things to say so it's hard to tell from context.

Had Celiac guests for a week and managed to not "gluten" them. Cleaned utensils, put certain permeable cookware in quarantine, cooked at home and recommended restaurants. It felt like a victory to get it all right.

@jplebreton @mogwai_poet yeah, that's something I definitely don't like about Unity (which I love in most other ways). You can technically make your game moddable with it, but you have to roll your own; e.g. I did my own loc system for Gunbuds to allow people to write their own localization.

🌲 The thing about the holidays once you have a kid is that if YOU don't make the holiday magic, it doesn't happen. Wife did the presents and I'm the one who gets up at 4am to make the cinnamon rolls. 🌲

Kid wanted to play dress up so I grabbed some random stuff from my closet. Wife says I look like the VP of a skateboard company, which I'm choosing to take as a compliment.

Swedish phrase of the day: "Har ni någonting gluten-free?" --> "Do you have anything gluten-free?"

i m p a c t
v i d e o g a m e
c u l t u r e
i n
p o s i t i v e
w a y s
s o
t h a t
v i d e o g a m e
c u l t u r e
i m p a c t s
t h e
w o r l d
i n
p o s i t i v e
w a y s

How's it going? Well, I'm hungry and have to pee but I also need to watch this live server log for errors so I can sprint over to peoples' desks to ask them what they just did.

Feeling low sick and low on energy today. I occupied my son by making a game with him in Unity. It's amazing what you can get to and running in less than an hour with a few lines of code and some pictures of toy cars.

Today's adventure in const-correctness: discovering that a const member function can call a non-const function on a member pointer.

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