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If someone says to you "of course, algorithms don't have any biases", write their name down in a little book and never let them near any critical task again.

There are only three problems with computers:
1) The Hardware
2) The Software
3) The People


I've done some canvassing/phonebanking in the past for presidential candidates but this is my first time doing it for a congressional candidate. It's... different

"bisexuals are just confused" statement partially true. but i'm not confused about my sexuality i just don't understand algebra

Hi, for my first toot I just want to remind everyone that the FBI assassinated Fred Hampton and that J. Edgar Hoover called the Black Panthers' Free Breakfast for School Children program the biggest threat to America

anyone else in , come on over to for a fun time (i'm @clara)

baby / motherhood actually I find this very relatable! i'm a self employed programmer who has been essentially working part-time since my 7mo was born (and I did do a bunch of programming from my hospital bed when they put me on pitocin to try to induce... but I was super bored!!)

health insurance 

my hmo has 3 separate logins for me + husband + baby for billing, then 3 separate logins for "patient portal" (which i can't access until signing an in-person consent form allowing me to view my own baby's medical records), and that's not even counting the login for the actual insurance company (not the hmo!) that sold me the plan and a login

i WONDER if healthcare would be cheaper if we weren't paying for all this hinderful broken infrastructure? :thaenkin:

It MaY tAKE Up tO OnE monTH foR YOur sTatEMeNt tO BE coNVertED To The ELecTrOnIC foRmAT

i see right now it's fine if you just post things in an effort to get them boosted, let me try

boost if... uh.. if...


jay gatsby is a sim

-never leaves his house

-died in the swimming pool

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