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it just occurred to me that since i basically only see a therapist once every 3 months that means i only get therapy sessions 4 times a year.

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still just waitin’ for Ralph to wreck me :/

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here just have a recent good picture of me :p

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I’ve been wanting a new profile picture but I’ve been too lazy/depressed to put any effort into looking cute lately :p

remember kids, sonic says: “Gotta go fast!”

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who the fuck is scraeming "MOUNT AND BLADE SUCKS" at my house. show yourself, coward. mount and blade is the greatest achievement in video gaming history

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what does it take for a gal to get owned around here???

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anybody else remember that movie where Ralph Macchio guitar dueled against satan to save a blues musician who traded his soul to the devil.

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im not here to make friends, im here to WIN

*touches fingerto earbud*

actually i've just been informed that the truest win, is friends

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