I discovered this website about self hosting. It seems nice to have a dedicated website to help spread knowledge about available softwares and to give tips how to self-host.


#SelfHosting #OpenSource

YOu know you're having fun when programming when your prototype makes you waste time playing on it.

I could make stuff looking like real trakcs, fun.

(An easier time where people died in their 30's)
Man(Walking past my shop in the village market): Any muskrat?
Me: No sir but next hunt I'll get you one for 3 sticks and some mud!
Man(Rubbing his chin): You drive a hard bargin... 2 sticks, some mud, and ash?
Me: Deal!

Why can't we go back a couple thousand years?
Man(Staring at my polishing stone): That's a damn fine stone ya got there? She a family one?
Me(Very impressed myself with my old stone): Yes sir! She's not a new model but damn if she doesn't get the job done!

It's almost like America was built on ancient Indian burial grounds.

Semester Finals. "If someone dies we all get an A. Take one for the team?" WHAT

Making an advertisement for English. Im calling my product Freeman. It's an extension for any device that reads in a voice of Morgan Freeman. Someone pointed out calling an app, built around someone who is black, Freeman comes off as almost racist. Oops.

*Kid's Party*
*Everyone Leaves Except Guy*
Guy: So there's this place that has the world's longest burning light bulb. Light bulbs are pretty cool - blah blah blah
Me *internally*: why didn't I follow everyone else...why...WHY!?
*leaves awkwardly*

ClarkHacks.com/ Has been given a face lift! Resource pages such as the CDN and Apps page need to be update still.

Me: it's not that cold out
Me: ...yep...
Him: oh snow!

WebLense is available now! Check it out at git.io/vbCoI . WebLense is a dead simple Url-To-Screenshot API. Special thanks to @micah for a confidence boost and ideas on this microproject!

Medical Terminology is a Great Class.
Teach: "Today We're Filling Prescriptions!"
Class: "Drugs!"
Teach: "Yes! Any type of drugs for our patients!"

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