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SPLITTING THE UPRIGHTS: when you're walking on the sidewalk toward two men having a conversation who, presumably in order to emphasize their heterosexuality (?), make room for you to pass not by moving as a pair to one side or the other, but by stepping *away* from each other, so you must walk between them. considered an omen of good luck

I am such a Gemini! I have so many interests and personalities! Here's one of my ideas brought to you by astrologer me.

Curtains are closing on our culture which is in the last and final 12th house of Pisces (and neptune has been stationed in pisces for years). Victims are speaking up over the airwaves of social media, in groups, in order to change the tides and dissolve the culture that we created and now is coming to a close.

Sometimes I feel like my power is in my body, which winds up feeling very domineering-in-a-good-way femme. Other times I feel my power is in my idea-based actions and that it when I feel very positive, directional and boyish.

I found this back when I did Mind & World, and for some reason looked it up again while writing up answers to the Cognitive Science tutorial questions.

David Eagleman, "Brain Time":

"Time perception, just like vision, is a construction of the brain and is shockingly easy to manipulate experimentally...All these illusions and distortions are consequences of the way your brain builds a representation of time."

Everyone working equally hard doing unrecognized intuitive, creative, emotional, spiritual and all forms of love labor. And rich people doing their part by hoarding all their money subconsciously forming a full piñata the day before a birthday.

Superhero ability: to be able to turn into a Scorpio sun sign.

"So when we sleep and we have an empty stomach then the activity, the contractile activity of our gut changes to a very unique pattern. It’s a 90-minute cycle, very powerful waves of contractions migrate from the esophagus all the way down to the end of our large intestine. And they move very slowly. So this has been referred to as the intestinal housekeeper that sort of cleans the gut from any residue that’s present."
-Dr Emeran Mayer

Thanks for the rec's! To trade mine for yours - my fave books that I've read that fit this category are:

Nalo Hopkinson "Report from Planet Midnight"

James Baldwin "Another Country"

Hilton Als "The Women"

And I'm currently reading Tisa Bryant "Unexplained Presence"

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What is your favorite book that gets into gender, trans, sex and/or queer ish?
Any category of page-turner that stayed with you: non-fiction, history, theory, fiction... Thank you.

*especially looking for books that include and talk about race, rather than omitting/ avoiding

materialism & servitude 

: the personal possessions of a bride usually including clothes, accessories, and household linens and wares

wikipedia deifinition 

Kawaii (かわいい, "lovable", "cute", or "adorable") is the culture of cuteness in Japan. It can refer to items, humans and nonhumans that are charming, vulnerable, shy and childlike. Examples include cute handwriting, manga and Hello Kitty.

Where did we come up with Gameing?

We need the story and history.

Thanks in advance for all boosts and answers and links to context.

non-vegetarian scene from the adorable queer homesteading sitcom life I lead 

I just went to the fridge and was surprised to see a new yogurt in there and actually said out loud: "MMMM Lemon yogurt!" When I opened the yogurt I found schmaltz from the chicken soup my sweetheart just made.

video game army recruiting 

and operates on a budget of about $600 billion, which congressional Republicans said should be increased, and which the military used in part to fund Army-themed video games designed to recruit teenagers."
- This is all from Harpers newlsetter written by Joe Kloc

US stockpiles 

which employs a total of 1,373,650 active-duty personnel; owns 5,884 combat tanks, 41,062 armored vehicles, 1,934 self-propelled artillery guns, 19 aircraft carriers, 63 destroyers, 70 submarines, 2,296 fighter planes, and 947 attack helicopters; maintains a stockpile of 6,800 nuclear bombs, including some that are 80 times more powerful than the bomb the US dropped on Hiroshima during World War II;

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NRA illogical thinking 

"and the NRA's president said that "socialists" wanted to take away American's handguns and semi-automatic rifles so that citizens wouldn't be able to defend themselves against an attack by the US government,

The notion of using the Greek noun oneiros (meaning "dream") to form the English adjective "oneiric" wasn't dreamed up until the mid-19th century. But back in the early 1600s, linguistic dreamers came up with a few "oneiros" spin-offs, giving English "oneirocriticism," "oneirocritical," and "oneirocritic" (each referring to dream interpreters or interpretation).

queer minstrel for the straight guy is a show on tv

a proxy gender
the gender you use as a mask to not reveal your actual gender

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