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Born in East Yorkshire, lives in London.
Probably older than your dad.
Anarchist communist.
Love cricket, hate work


dippers (formally the white-throated dipper) are the only songbirds that can swim. they walk underwater using their wings to keep themselves on the bottom of the river and move against the current. you often see them on shallow stretches of river in scotland and wales bobbing their heads underneath the water.

Why doesnt the hulk, the largest of the justice league, simply eat the others?


it's crab apple season at the moment and bullfinches are a good reason to have crab apples in your garden. they also eat the fruit flower buds too.

I wish it were socially acceptable for adults to wear the same outfit everyday. If cartoon characters can do it, why can't I?

my birthday was 1.7 months ago. boost my ass to hell.

"Ozymandias" is often read as a warning on the hubris of desiring immortality but it should be read as being about how good Ozy's workers were at making durable pedestals

I love it when people go out of their way to stress they're a *classical* liberal, harking back to the golden age before liberalism was corrupted with degenerate ideas like universal suffrage and black people being fully human.

Still listen to the proper old school stuff, if you want to treat yourself, find "Release yourself" by Angel Moraes on YouTube.

More dad music recommendations from me next week.

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House arrived at a definite point in my life (while I was at university) and it really did change everything.

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Pretty excited about the house music documentary on BBC4 at 10 o'clock lads.

Actually, good. Or edgelord bollocks? I can't decide.

Which might mean it's actually, good.


@i_a_n @classvar they seem to have realised they can save a lot of time and effort by not bothering with step 1 any more, so at least they're optimising.

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