@DaniWahlers @bodinholoiro You mean change the domain? No it would be best to it set up new and fresh. Are you worried about the .com.br?

@DaniWahlers Can you DM.. no, wait.. DT? the admin and ask if we can use it?

@bodinholoiro @DaniWahlers Oi Bodinho, prazer! Sou humano, mas gosto tbm de cabras!

@DaniWahlers 10, one was me. So, 7 x 3. We need a Code of Conduct.

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Vocês se interessariam em ter uma instancia BR mais geral? Temos uma instancia rodando (mastodon.com.br) mas ainda fechada e estamos na dúvida se abrimos ou não.

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Seeing as we have so many new users the past few weeks, let me mention that development of Mastodon and hosting of mastodon.social is not funded by venture capital or ads, but through crowdfunding:




And for certain tiers of support, your name or your company's logo is listed on our sponsors page:


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