So, I've started university now (and updated my bio to reflect that :P).

The internet isn't great, 10 megabit up and down, compared to the 200/12 I got at home, and RDP and FTP don't work so I can't access my server like I used to, though thankfully DWService does work.

Making an 8-bit remix of "The Model" by Kraftwerk in 0cc-FT ^^

It's going well so far - this is the first time I've ever gone by ear rather than going from OpenMPT to 0cc or vice versa where I could just read off the source :p

I also don't have a way of splitting each instrument, so this is a little tricky. But it's fantastic once it all fits into place <3

Oh my god. I know why now.

Hyper-V sets up its own network hardware and so has set its own IP. Since I usually have my server set to a static IP address, it can't find it because Hyper-V has enabled DHCP and it now has a wildly different address.

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Bashing my head trying to get IIS working after it's decided to just stop working after a reboot. Lovely.

no-one appreciated my joke on twitter so i'mna see if mastodon likes it any better


cute little spider has come to visit!! we've got like 4-5 of these in our front and back gardens. there's another cute one showing off by the front door, scares away anyone we don't like :p

this is my secondary monitor's wallpaper, it's also animated (the little lightning bolts that go wobbly).

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for those who listen to - this is my background courtesy of wallpaper engine:

I have an ultrawide which means I don't get the black bars on top and bottom so it completely fills my screen. It's AMAZING <3

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