So, three months in, internet is still the fucking same. I've had IT in my room like three times trying to fix this shit and NOTHING has changed. WiFi is still shit and my ethernet doesn't work at all.

I'm getting sick of it.

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For some reason Mastodon won't let me upload a pic of the screen bit working, but you get the point.

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So, I've started university now (and updated my bio to reflect that :P).

The internet isn't great, 10 megabit up and down, compared to the 200/12 I got at home, and RDP and FTP don't work so I can't access my server like I used to, though thankfully DWService does work.

nothing quite like bursting into tears for no reason at your desk

don't get me wrong, i like doing that

but i wish i could do something different in the meantime

i want to try and make electronic music but i just...can't...

the best i can do is clone what people have already done into different kinds of software and that's starting to get boring now, i want to make my own content but i don't know where the hell to start

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i've said it before but i wish i had more to me than just being able to fix a computer

i wish i could draw, sing, dance, do fucking anything but stare at a computer screen sometimes

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@linux Nope, both of us are brits :P

We're good friends and everything, I just wish he'd stop doing it :/

@linux Nope, one of the people I know who does it, I'm pretty sure just does it to be a twat.

@linux Honestly it doesn't really matter what device the basher has, they will just throw shit at any new device they don't like on either side for literally no reason.

@linux There's a lot more Android owning iOS bashers out there though. Noticed it ever since I owned an iPhone tbh

@linux Oh, right lol

They'll always have the phone they're trying to praise, so an Android user bashes an iOS user and vice versa.

A friend of mine continuously bashes my iPhone X when he has a OnePlus 5T. Both phones are great but it just gets annoying very quickly. I'll admit, I'm guilty to doing this in the past, but I realised that I was just being an asshole and stopped doing it :P

@linux Usually it's just them saying "lol your phones break easily" or "they're so expensive lul", that sort of thing

i'm fine with someone saying "hey, i prefer google play music to apple music because x", that's fair enough

but the whole "iOS is shit" or "Android is shit" crap is just infuriating

@linux i'm fine with people comparing and seeing what they do/don't like, but when it's just "hurr durr your phones break easily lul" it's just annoying

like, just fuck off and let people use what they want to use

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people i hate:

people who constantly bash iPhones or Androids for no fucking reason other than to be an asshole


In a call I just had, I had to repeat myself FOUR times to say something and in the end they didn't give a fuck anyway. I'm just fucking done with talking to people. Most of the time I have to stay conversations because no one wants to fucking talk to me otherwise, at least that's how it feels to me.

I don't know why I even bother anymore.

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I'm fucking sick and tired of being abandoned when I'm playing games with other people

I try and play, people slowly leave me behind our another person drops in and everyone forgets about me. All the fucking time. So I sit there in silence for hours and no one even asks if I'm okay, I just get completely forgotten about. As if I don't fucking mean anything to anyone.

And then they have the audacity to say I should talk more. I fucking can't when everyone else talks over me!

@Sylv3on download amaroq and enable awoo mode

it turns toots into awoos yeah, I know :p

I just forgot people could see my toots by default lol, I'm fine with it tho

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