I’m really into noisy rock bands with masc female vocalists at the moment. Dilly Dally and BLOXX two particular faves.

Any recommendations?

Mastodon gives me that feeling of my first internet outings. Unsteady, nervous, full of discovery and potential. Some raw energy that I need to figure out how to harness. I feel younger.

I feel ten Internet years younger using this site. I want to download an RSS reader and start a new blog

Things about Mastodon:

- I need me one of them fancy animated profile pictures
- Everyone here is so nice
- And damn you are all so talented!

another trick to having a good time on mastodon imo: start tooting about anything other than mastodon

Instance suggestions please!

- Video/tabletop/board games
- Literature and writing
- Tech
- Esports
- Creative marketing/advertising
- Cool things

I’m following @darius advice and being super liberal with my follows. Got any or suggestions? Link me!

I’m going to make more of a conscious effort to stick with Mastodon. Twitter has really disenfranchised me.

I've started having a better time on Mastodon/Fediverse by treating this like early Twitter: I try to follow back everyone in order to fill my timeline with stuff. I aggressively follow anyone when I see a boost of something they wrote that I like. I am going to start doing the ol' Follow Friday thing to help other people find people. I follow a lot of people I know *NOTHING* about but it's finally lively enough to keep me engaged.

You remembered it!
The thing!
You reach for you phone.
You unlock it.
Open the browser, quick!
Focus on the field!
You stare at the empty search field.
It stares into you.
You feel its confusion.
"What? Again? What?"
You close your browser.
You lock you phone.
You put it back in your pocket.
You don't remember the Thing.
You know you will.
Just for an instant.

Hey there Mastocators. Mastodonnas.


We need to work out some terminology, stat.


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