I like to customize the browser's homepage and for me this is the best tool. Tabliss buymeacoffee.com/cleverproject

I believe that building your own computer is generally cheaper than choosing a ready-made computer, considering only the financial aspect. forbrilliantpeople.tumblr.com/

Time passes and needs to be used wisely, the entrepreneur needs to intelligently allocate his resources, so that he can do the most important thing, in the shortest possible time, with the spirit prepared for the numerous course corrections. forbrilliantpeople.tumblr.com/

Newsletter for Brilliant People - The blog posts on your email :) cleverproject.substack.com

After a long time searching for the perfect linux distribution, I finally found it. Zorin OS - Make your computer better. buymeacoffee.com/cleverproject

For me, dark mode is essential, I always use it. On the system and in the browser.🕶️ Dark Reader buymeacoffee.com/cleverproject

We live in an incredible moment when, for the first time, we can work from home and generate value in the lives of many people around the world. forbrilliantpeople.tumblr.com/

Clever is a distance learning startup focused on life hacking for digital entrepreneurs. forbrilliantpeople.online

Today, Clever is officially starting its communication via Mastodon.


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