Ben, I was actually looking for exactly the same thing back at DreamHost. I looked at a lot of options, and most of the best ones were commercial. That said, I had some luck with the P2 platform from Automattic that runs on WordPress -


* Assembled desk
* Installed new smart lock
* Built grill/smoker
* Set up home server for new house
* HomeKit enabled garage door
* Assembled bed for kiddo
* Worked eight hour day

💪🏻 😴

Got my iPhone 13 Pro (Gold, 512GB) in the mail today. Happy to be off the Pro Max line. A fun experiment, but I definitely prefer the smaller size.

I was skeptical, but Schmigadoon is pretty hilarious.

My new workflow for processing emails, tasks, and notes with Obsidian and Mimestream has had me at Inbox Zero across personal and work accounts for a week.

Lost in all of the (justified) criticism about Safari's new tab UI is how great the new "tab groups" feature is. Segmenting browser tabs into "workspaces" that sync across devices is great for organization.

I'd even be OK with tabs being in the sidebar as list items...

I decided that it would be a good time to read Anathem again. I think it has surpassed Snow Crash as my favorite Stephenson book.

Finished Loki last night. I really enjoyed it, overall. The finale was a bit heavy handed, with too much exposition, but I think it was worth it to introduce an incredible villain with deep history in Marvel lore.

Father’s Day thus far has featured breakfast for daddy, two hours of Breath of the Wild, and a visit from my parents. Next up, a soak in the hot tub, and an early dinner with a view.

Yes, I’ll shave the ‘stache. It looks ridiculous and I only did it for fun.

So, I got Colette, my 10yo daughter, her first mechanical keyboard today. She’s so excited and I’m so proud! Looking forward to keycap hunting with her 😍

So, I bought a hot tub like an old person. It’s good to be old.

Finally getting around to watching “For All Mankind” on Apple TV+. We are about halfway through the first season and it’s so much better than I expected. Highly recommended!

What a challenging, hectic, and satisfying week this has been. Scaling a business with triple digit growth is a unique experience, but when you make it work, it’s truly incredible.

Fine, build me a Matrioshka Brain and you can mint all the NFTs you want.

I just uttered the statement “I have a flask pocket in these sweatpants,” and that’s pretty much the most quarantine thing I’ve ever said.

One of my favorite things to do when I visit Palm Springs is to go to Lappert’s, get a Dole Whip Float, then mix in some dark rum when I get back home. Lazy tiki cocktail 😎🌴🍹

Today, I finished up the first phase on my personal health tracking system. I have all of my HealthKit data since roughly 2015 in my personal data lake. You can see visualizations here: and I also have integrated health data into my monthly summaries, such as

Drinking a whiskey sour 🥃, eating home made pan pizza 🍕, and watching an outdoor movie 🎥 with all the kids in the neighborhood 👧 by the fire pit 🔥. Can’t beat it!

I finally figured out how to automatically sync my Apple HealthKit metrics to a data lake in S3. I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time. Next step will be integrating the data with my website for in-context health metrics.

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