Its not like Blu-Ray and DVD are completely dead yet. Buy the entire series for cheap! Rip it! Store it on your laptop, phone, or tablet! You could also just buy the entire thing on iTunes, though that’ll cost you a lot more, and is closer to renting than you think...

Made a cedar plank salmon last night, smoked with apple chips, and seasoned with BBQ rub. It was amazing and will make a worthy addition to my BBQ rotation :D

The family is traveling, so I am all alone this weekend. So far today, I’ve managed to compile and install Provenance and ScummVM on my iPad Pro. Now I can play Mario Kart 64 and Monkey Island on the go. 🤪🕹

The good news is that it seems that we all made it onto our respective flights. The bad news is that it looks like my bag may have been improperly tagged to the wrong flight. Hopefully @delta figures it out quickly and I get my bag delivered home tomorrow 🤞

Weather throughout the southeast is creating absolute havoc with air travel today. Multi-hour delays and a very late flight back home for me. At least I seem to have been upgraded!

At a hotel in Orlando watching a show called “Lone Star Law” on Animal Planet with my wife while the kids put themselves to bed.

Kudos to my friends at @DreamHost for updating their Twitter profile with a pride-inspired logo for pride month. ✊🏻🏳️‍🌈

Nextdoor is a great social media network that helps you learn that the toxic, broken, bigoted world of global social media is *also* replicated at the *local* level, right in your own neighborhood! Three cheers for technology, folks.

Taxis are officially superior to ride sharing services again. They are often faster, the drivers are more professional, and they usually know where they are going.

@aaronpk years ago, I wrote a little script that automatically converted a Keynote deck into individual PDF files (one per slide, vector, scalable) and then created a PPTX file out of the result. Not editable, obviously, but a nice shortcut. Sadly, I can’t find the script anymore!

The USWNT are the Miami Hurricanes of women’s soccer. Run up the score, ladies! Enjoy the ride! ⚽️🇺🇸

Okay, I have a first pass of a working Shortcut for that YouTube automation – – Not foolproof, and requires ... still, a promising start.

Hey, iOS automation geeks, I have a project for us. I want a Shortcut that will find all YouTube videos embedded in the current open Safari tab, show the URLs in a list, and then open the tapped URL in VLC or other non-YouTube video player app.

A couple of points on Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge:

1. It is incredibly immersive. You honestly feel like you're on another planet.
2. The ride is amazing. I piloted the Millennium Falcon!
3. Blue milk is gross.

A truly awesome experience! Go!

I had an extremely productive Saturday, which is precisely the type of Saturday I generally like to avoid.

Just visited IKEA on a Saturday afternoon and:

1. They had everything I needed in stock.
2. I was able to fit it all in the car.
3. It took less than 30 minutes.

Got a haircut this afternoon and I’m now so handsome that I can be classified as a weapon. Look out.

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