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If you got a follow request from me, it's probably because I remember following you from my own instance (, whose hardware wasn't really mine) which is now defunct. I wish I could get it refunct, but that's a project for another time.

I am interested in my own stuff (I am grateful for the flagship instance, but the fediverse needs us to host our own, right?).

I get problems resulting (I think) from a wimpy server with only 1GB RAM & 1 shared vCPU. Are there guidelines to follow for min. RAM/CPU?

I might be OK with paying for more than the smallest if I can do more with that server (like host additional sites / services on it). Is that feasible? But it seems the smallest size is not cutting it. 🙁

Anyone trying for iOS? I feel dumb that I can't get it to work. My emails sent through pEp all arrive in Thunderbird undecryptable due to a lack of private key.

I thought recent versions of + had pEp baked in!

Radler unter Euch! Wer kann mir einen popöchenfreundlicheren Sattel für mein Rad empfehlen? Ich lege zur Zeit unter Corona und WFH viele mehr Kilometer zurück als normal, und das spüre ich an jeder Kurve und Ecke.

Mein Rad, falls das einen Unterschied macht: Gerne boosten.

Pollen levels are getting nutty again. Another use case for those masks, I guess.

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us pol 

Being too far left to push Trump out of office is the most American energy ever. Y'all. You won't get ideological cooties from the voting booth. Just physical ones. Maybe apply for an absentee ballot now.

USA imagery with disturbing overtones, and kitsch 

Ich war voll "on Board," Heike und René, bis ich die Stars & Bars sah. You racist or willfully ignorant fucks.

Or both, I guess.

She said the audio was better on Jitsi. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Also NC Talk on iOS didn't seem to like my headphones (bluetooth), but it was OK with my wife's. Same OS. Same headphone brand, but different model.

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But! Latest Nextcloud Talk apparently supports Safari and MS Edge, whereas Jitsi-Meet only likes Chrome and Firefox.

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First impression is that Jitsi-Meet could be much easier for spontaneous conversations, vs. Nextcloud Talk, where I'd first have to set up a user for each participant. That's maybe not terrible for closed, permanent organizations, but for something quick, I'd probably go with Jitsi-Meet instead.

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I (finally) got -Meet to work on a DigitalOcean VPS (I think the struggle was with the LetsEncrypt cert. and Apache there at the end). It works (thanks @spacewizard for helping me test). Now, how is that better/worse/different from Talk? Who has used both? I've got both installed.

Ich werde die Wiesn heuer nicht vermissen. Ich vermisse eher die Chance, so was live zu erleben.

Working from home is going to mean smelling a lot of other people's grills firing up at the end of the day. It's not a complaint; I just anticipate feeling hungrier sooner as result.

My Earworm of the moment: Harmony Hall by Vampire Weekend (thanks to the Song Exploder feature on it). Here ya go.

@pixelfed BTW, that wasn’t supposed to be 100% grumpy. I am happy to contribute by test-driving the installation instructions if it helps.

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