"GUIs are for asking, CLIs are for telling." --@DuncanLock

@climagic isn't `ls` asking the computer to list your files? It can easy say 'go away you are not allowed'

@_tj @climagic To issue a retrieval command is to ask / request date. To issue a command that performs some sort of process that alters data is more like telling the computer to do or make something.
Both kinds of commands can be issued through both types of user interface.

But command line interfaces tend to be more precise and concise (although their learning curve miay be steeper)
You need precision when you give orders that transform or destroy data.

@_tj @climagic That's the real reason we see this differentiation, and after 50 years of modern computing it seems that the difference is fundamental and not going anywhere. Very likely so.

@_tj @climagic I do agree with the quote, by the way, because it helps to highlight the separation of concerns, even if it's not entirely self-explanatory and the divergence is not evident without some philosophical inquiry.

@_tj @climagic s/date/data/

Sorry for the typos. Mild dyslexia and increasing myopia become more evident when typing on a touchscreen.

GUIs are for using with the mouse, CLIs are for using with the keyboard

@agnez @climagic That's what you think. *invents the Morse code mouse-click command line interface (MCMCCLI)*

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