@climagic I'm guessing at a UPS, usually the large consumer/small business grade ones made by APC (I've seen similar ones myself, indeed there is a UPS in the cupboard under the stairwell that uses such a cable)

@vfrmedia @climagic you often get serial with 8p8c sockets, especially for big 48-port terminal servers. So maybe it's a usb-serial adapter for one of those? Bit weird though
@vfrmedia @climagic also, check this properietary cisco serial cable, which was the base of my rack monkeying: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-BtSigFsU1D8/UvXUrSH1Y6I/AAAAAAAAAuw/VdQYqlnGfrA/s1600/2511-5.JPG

Switching to opengear kit for this was a huge boon


A terminal server! wow, that is a device I have not seen in the wild in nearly 30 years (although I guess there are still places that might use them, and I can see the benefits of using 8p8c sockets when structured cabling became more common in the 1990s..


@vfrmedia @climagic when i worked for bytemark, they were still using normal serial for OOB access. So every machine in the rack got at least 2 cat5e cables and one power. Some got 4-5 cat5e and 2 power. Wiring them up was intensely therapeutic.

Nowadays, it's all iLO and blades and whatnot :-/

@climagic Maybe some more modern Cisco-device, which finally uses USB rather than Serial.

@climagic My guess is that there's an FTDI chip in the USB end and it's a console cable for some kind of network equipment, probably Cisco.

@climagic You plug one end in to a computer, right?

And then you plug the other in to a PoE jack, and fry the USB controller on the computer.

@climagic that’s a cable that goes to a APC battery backup to monitor when you go on battery power!

@sarman @climagic Oho, *that* explains why I have one of those kicking around!

@climagic USB cable for an APC UPS device? These use this kind of connector


Still waiting for the beautiful house, wife, etc.

@climagic is that an extremely low power etherkiller?

@climagic looks like the cable to connect a midi pedal to computer.

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