And before you say "Y2K wasn't a big deal". The reason it wasn't a big deal is because programmers worked hard for years prior to prepare. The 2038 bug will probably get less hype because it's not as obvious and could be more dangerous because it's meant for computer timekeeping.

the y2k38 bug always reminds me of aka , someone who claimed to be an American soldier from , , who claimed to have travelled from 2036 to the year 2000 to retrieve an to debug various legacy programmes to prevent a catastrophe likely related to the problem:

@climagic The way I remember it, the Y2K scare was just a scam to make people buy new computers.

I had a PC from 1989-90, and it kept working fine after 2000 without any patches applied. My father would still be using it if it weren't because he got another one for free a few years later.

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