Famous moments in shutdown history: When I forgot to use -r when logged in remotely on an isolated system 13,370 km away.

@climagic better install a hardware watchdog for resetting those machines if it happens too often


Yup, I've been a fan of the "reboot" alias ever since.

Mine was pre-ssh, btw. Logging in via modem using an #HP48 calculator.

@climagic Taking down a network interface then wondering why your shell on the remote server has stopped respon…


@ersatzmaus @climagic ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0

And then ifup fails due to invalid configuration...

@ctm @climagic Classic. My favourite* part is the slow dawning realisation that it's not just being slow to come back up…

@climagic Ouch.

I think the worst that I did was have to walk about 75 feet and open a locked door.

Or I had functional OoB console that could power the box on.

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