dig whydoesmyjunkhurt.private​.search @ # Are you letting Google know your personal issues via DNS? Try to stop using public resolvers as a default. DNSoverHTTPS? DoH! That's no good either. Put DNS resolvers back on the LANs & let's

@climagic ok, but this by itself doesn’t seem to help much because who is your LAN-based resolver recursing to?

@alexis @climagic it does not have to if it knows how to reach the root servers (named.root file).

@climagic I agree with the point you're making and I would love to boost this toot but I'm not OK with "make _noun_ _adjective_ again" jokes. To me they just come off as gross and kind of scuzzy.

(Not saying it to scold you, just mentioning it in case that's not a reaction you've run across before.)


How about DNS over Tor ?

(But domain name on the certificate will be leaked anyway......)

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