<Ctrl-q> # Sometimes you may find your terminal window appears "frozen". Try pressing Ctrl-q. If that fixes it, it's probably because you originally pressed Ctrl-s once when I was young and knew (almost) nothing, I turned off a Sun 3 at the power socket because I didn't realise that this was why the console was frozen



If anyone is wondering, those are nothing else than the software flow control #DC1 and #DC3 control characters or, as they're more popularly known, #XON and #XOFF.

@LangerJan @climagic

Consistency is one of those things over always loved about #UNIX. It just makes cognitive processes simpler, with the corresponding productivity increase.

Then again, I'm one of those sad people who know their #ANSI escape codes by heart.

@LangerJan @climagic

Knowing that, it should become evident that the communication is paused in the incoming direction only. The remote end is still receiving characters typed at the terminal.

This can be tested e.g., by running cat (which should echo lines from #stdin to #stdout), sending ^S, then typing some lines and then sending ^Q. The typed lines (and their echo) will then appear on the terminal.

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