How many monitors are you using in your desktop setup?

@climagic Need to be able to select multiple options because it differs between machines e.g. at work it's 3 but at home it's 2.

@climagic 3, but one is connected to a second computer running a different OS

@climagic I wish I could, but Windows is not a good Synergy citizen. When a dialog pops up that asks for admin permissions control via Synergy gets disabled. Using two keyboards and mice

@lastfuture @climagic try barrier, a fork of the original synergy open source project. I’ve had great luck with it so far.

@f2k1de @transcaffeine My oversight when I added this poll here. I have 4+ on the birdsite so just imagine that 4 here is 4+

@climagic I use 2, but on different machine that share a mouse and keyboard through the open source barrier application.

@climagic hat Home, i Switch to the Dell curved one :-)

@climagic I count laptop screen + monitor as 2 monitors, since that is likely the point of the question :).

@climagic home vs work would be interesting as two polls.. 2 vs 3 here, but home has the bigger one^^

2 Monitors + internal display of the Notebook.

1½ here. I've got a 24" screen that I use for nearly everything and the laptop's screen with 14" (which I don't really use except for low priority windows).

@climagic at work normally 2 Laptops + 3 Screens - sometimes in representation at the DC Ops room up to 46 status monitors.

@climagic two because the graphic card doesn't allow for more

@climagic Laptop + one external - does that count as two for the poll?

@climagic 1 desktop monitor + laptop screen makes for 2 even if pretty much only use the laptop screen for spotify
@climagic 0. Monitors are overrated. If you really need output from the computer, you can print it out.

@climagic I use virtual desktops and sided windowed applications… it spares the hardware.

@climagic Does it count that I sometimes have my tablet with me while I'm on the computer, even though they are not connected in any direct way?

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