Dear university computer science/informatics/infosec programs of the world, stop letting students graduate without command line experience. We still need that experience.


Indeed there are entire countries (#UK, #Norway) where you can graduate without actually knowing how a computer works.

Which is why when I have to hire developers, I look towards #France, #Germany and #Switzerland. You do tend to get what you pay for (which is a lot).

And of course, the #Chinese are producing some super clever professionals, but there's the disadvantage of language barrier and physical proximity in my case.

Generalising but not much.

I'm proud to announce that University of Warsaw won't let you graduate as BSc in Imformatics if you can't modify the MINIX kernel. And advanced shell scripting is something you do on the first year.


As the old saying goes: “A basic #UNIX user is that who has ever written only one device driver”.


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German tooter here. Studied Information science for business and can unfortunately say that 90% of my graduation class are not able to do simple stuff on the command line...:(


I would like to favourite your message but that seems somehow wrong. 🙂

To be fair, from the name I guess your subject of study might be more theoretical oriented, although I can't really see how one could do meaningful data analysis without a fair amount of practical #scripting skills.

Can you really do serious analysis nowadays without being moderately skilled in #R, #Python, #Javascript, #Octave/#Matlab or any of a number of similar tools?


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Infact it has been a mixture between economic studies and tech. And I graduated almost 10 years ago - focus was less on data. It is not like we didn't have tech oriented classes - programming, sql, operating systems...but you could easily pass most the tests without knowing what you were doing.

@0 @climagic I heard the UK is making programming obligatory for young children in their pre-teens.

@0 @climagic At #RUC in #Denmark there are no computer labs. Students bring their own laptops, and not a single student in the college of school and technology uses #linux. All MAC & Microsnot Winblows. Papers are written with #Google docs or MS Office. #LaTeX is tolerated but discouraged. The university is dependant on #GAMCAF.

@Talhaprima @climagic @0 oops, I meant to say "college of science & environment" (not "college of school and technology" lol)

@climagic I agree, absolutely!! command line experience is so important


> Dear university computer science/informatics/infosec programs of the world, stop letting students graduate without command line experience. We still need that experience.

I'm really glad that MIT's The Missing Semester of Your CS Education ( exists to teach people the basics of the command line – and really annoyed that it *needs* to.

@climagic God, it'd be nice if they all came out with basic sql & regex too.

I don't get how you code anything without running into regex

@climagic I think this is really interesting and bookmarked @codesections's link for later reading, but I wonder if this isn't the real problem.

In my CS degree, we never took a course in C programming even though at that time that was the language used in most of our classes. Students were expected to figure it out as they needed and resources were made available for students having trouble. A few complained, but generally we understood the principles were the lesson, not the tools


@climagic Some students also complained we should be learning on PCs instead of Sun boxes since that's what they'd use in the real world.

I wonder if students come into CS without that intrinsic love for tinkering and getting into the dirty bits, as opposed to looking for solid career prospects.

But then, most of us were coming from playing with our parents DOS systems or Apple II's at school, and GUIs at that point were often buggy or seen as "computers for the rest of them".


Doing my bit. I've taught introduction to Linux to undergrads, MSc and phd students, well over 100 of them gaining new Linux skills.

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