youtubeuploader -title "Cat Mischief" -description "50 minutes of my cat knocking stuff over" -limitBetween 09:00-17:00 -ratelimit 1000 -filename cat.webm # Upload to youtube, but limit the rate to 1000kbps between 9 and 5pm. Get the program at

Limit upload to 1000kb/sec?
Well, i am shure, you don't live in germany.

Does it come with #cat included or do you have to provide your own?

Oh, I see some nices / specific options.

By the way with @lecygnenoirgame (more he project than mine) we are developping #Prismedia . A :youtube: and :peertube: (Peertube) video uploader featuring nfo files, easier to manage series of videos.

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