mplayer -vf 'geq=p(X\,Y)*gt(W/2\,X)+p(W-1-X\,Y)*lt(W/2-1\,X),scale' tv:// # Using a Linux host, attach webcam, place on top of large TV, 2-sided real-time kaleidoscope cam keeps kids occupied for hours on rainy days. If this doesn't work for you, may need different cam/host.

mplayer -vf 'geq=p(X\,Y)*gt(H/2\,Y)+p(X\,H-1-Y)*lt(H/2-1\,Y),scale' tv:// # Here is a version that mirrors things horizontally across the X axis. Can be fun for pretending like you are emerging from a lake. Challenge: Try adding ripples.

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