*Daughter attends a cybersecurity camp*
Me: So what did you learn today at camp?
Her: Some people pronounce sudo su-due

Adding ⛽️2🔥
The creator of sudo pronounces it "su-due"
The creator of gif pronounces it "jif"

I admit I pronounce sudo incorrectly. But do it anyways by habit.
Are you willing to admit you are pronouncing gif incorrectly?

Me: in this house we pronounce it /usr/bin/sudo so it can't be spoofed elsewhere in $PATH

@climagic Only willing to admit that creators can be wrong. ;)

@climagic I pronounce GIF correctly, it's the creator who does it incorrectly.

it's called "death of the author":
Once you publish something, you lose all authority over it. It now belongs to the audience.

So gif with hard g, and sudo pronounced soo-doh

@climagic I pronounce "sudo" as "doas"

The creator of sudo is right, and the creator of gif is wrong. sudo stands for "super-user do (command)", which is prounounced Gif stands for graphics interchange format, which is pronounced gif.

@sir @climagic but "do" is pronounced different tha. "due", isn't it?

@wolf480pl @climagic no, due and do have the same pronounciation in english

@sir @wolf480pl @climagic in american. In british english, "due", "dew", and "do" all have different pronunciations (though due/dew are very close)

@kline @sir @climagic yeah, I've been taught "due" is pronounced "dyoo" except shorter

@kline @sir @wolf480pl @climagic “do” and “dough” however have the same pronunciation :T

@sir By that logic you should start saying jpeg as jfeg. and several other acronyms would be different. :D

@climagic jpeg cannot be pronounced as a word according to the normal rules of English pronounciation, so this does not apply

@sir english rules? let us silence the p. call it jeg.

@sir @climagic i (and most others) treat competing pronunciations like competing code styleguides or autoformatters; prefer convention and conformity over personal preference when the existing convention is clear; otherwise, fall back to personal preference. the difference is that unlike a software ecosystem, our native languages don't have the same degree of control from "creators".
i'd say that if an acronym has one obvious/popular pronunciation (jpeg = /ˈdʒeɪpɛɡ/ JAY-peg), go with that; if an acronym has multiple competing popular pronunciations, go with the one that's closest to the sounds of the expanded form. "gif" is commonly pronounced with both a hard and soft (g), but its expanded form uses a hard (g), so i'd select that; however, i'd switch to the soft (g) if it grows much more popular.
@sir @climagic I assume that you also 'correctly' pronounce "laser" as 'laser' and not as 'lazer'.
@climagic I changed how I said gif some years ago to be correct, I'm still not convinced about the sudo thing. I'd consider changing that too.

@climagic and the creators of SCSI intended it to be pronounced “sexy” and were dismayed that it caught on as “scuzzy”.

It doesn’t matter what the creators intend, just what people do.

It reminds me of hearing/watching Ly-nus Torvalds pronouncing Linux "Li-nux".

I personally say "sue-doe" and have no qualms about that.

As for "jif" - nope. That's just the cleaning product in my mind.

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