df -text{3,4} # Display only filesystems of types ext3 and ext4 so you can avoid all the other stuff that shows up in df these days. snap, overlays, tmpfs, etc. I was just using a system that had over 130 lines of df output.😖

@climagic If that's because of all those snaps, you might also find "df -x squashfs" useful. I feel your pain!

@climagic actually on balance yours is *way* better!!

@climagic I would change that to include {2,3,4} since I still see some ext2 /boot partitions.

@climagic that's a useful one. I started using df $mountpoint to avoid waiting for those network filesystems.

@climagic not to say your other posts are not useful. Just realized you could read it that way.

@climagic the number of mounted pseudo-filesystems is too damn high!

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