Have you ever contributed code, documentation/support, or financial support to an open source software project?
If more than one apply, choose the option that you've done the most of. Stuff in the grey area probably fall under Docs/Support.

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@climagic you can also set up a poll with checkboxes. I’m sure many people contributed more than one way.

@climagic click on one of the little crircles (the switches) themselves. They become squares! =p

@olamundo Ok, so that was supposed to be obvious? Well next time I'll know. But also the bird site doesn't allow that yet so it will be inconsistent results.

@climagic ah, I wouldn’t go there or care for how they do things.

And no, it is quite a hidden feature. I just like to explain things in a light manner.

Have a nice day!

@climagic i have choose none because i have tribute all oft them to projects

@climagic Does user support include answering user questions on Mastodon (or in person)?

@climagic YES

i contribute mostly with testing and bug reports. 1060 issues on GitHub. i also work in QA now, i love it!

the best thing is when i'm able to solve my own issues a year later...

i also contribute code, docs and money

the biggest donation was 500$ in a crowdfunding of a GNU project

thanks to everyone who contribute to free software!

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