So over the holidays my daughter asked for a gaming PC, so I asked her to do the work of spec'ing it out, learning about the components, and building it. She ended up buying a case that has no 5.25" drive bays and now I feel so old that this is even possible.

@mwlucas @climagic

Intel NUC - you can probably fit TWO in a single 5.25" drive bay.

Yeah, probably not connected to anything. Even then, I think you *could* connect these to power and either use wifi or snake ethernet cables inside the enclosure... 🤔

Wait, this is going to require some serious experiments. Let me drag ye olde tower from the basement and order two NUCs. Be back in two weeks.

@climagic my latest computer. A hp prodesk 400 g5. It does not even have a 3.5" drive.

@climagic as the other replies state, you should feel even older. A lot of PCs don't even sport 3.5" any more.

@zladuric @climagic Wait, computers have disk drives *inside* the case?! All my drives are daisy-chained off the back (nice) and have been since 1979.

@climagic me too. my son' English book has a cdrom Attached at the end and I have no drive to read it

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