I say "hey kids" because someone in my family fell for this and they're pretty smart. The problem is that people think "well prices are getting cheaper all the time", etc. The bigger issue here is that these cards have ~%0 reliability. Sure *we* know, but tell your families.

@climagic i got a mp3 player from ebay that was sold as 16GB and had under 1GB. so you could have about 1 whole album on it at a time lol

@climagic In true CLI fashion, install f3 ("fight flash fraud") to check your flash drives:

$ apt install f3 # Debian/Ubuntu
$ yay -S f3 # Arch


@climagic As I'm currently looking to buy one of those things I wouldn't have recognised it as obviously fake. It doesn't have a brand name I recognise but that's about it.

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