Dark Confessions of a Sysadmin. Installed in 2008, still running.

Hey kids, see this is why you use multiple partitions, that way you can reinstall the OS and preserve the data on other partitions. Not shown here are 9 partitions with important data on them, including a backup of scripts from the old install. It's a home backup server.

Of course now the question is. Why didn't you update it before? Well, I thought it would make for good @climagic content in 2021. Of course, this system was installed before I created @climagic. Wow.

@climagic BTW, just saw that 10.8 was released, so at some point you might want to burn a new disc. That box should easily update post-install. 👍🏻

@claudiom No way these last 40 blank CD-Rs that I have are gonna last me for the rest of my life.

@climagic So, I'm not the only one with a bunch of CD-R and DVD-R around? @claudiom

@ghostdancer @climagic @claudiom I haven't had anything with an optical drive in the last eight years. You guys are keeping some old hardware alive

@lastfuture You have no idea. 😅

i'm typing this from an old Toshiba Portege M400 running OpenBSD. I also have my Eee PC 901 running OpenBSD and my newest laptop is an HP ProBook 4540s with a Core i5 3rd-gen. My vintage gear still needs to get picked up from where it is. 😁

@ghostdancer @climagic

two 7 years i3 3rd gen towers both with DVD and a i5 4th gen (hp laptop with DVD drive too) , i used the dvd drive mostly to rip movies and music , but I have a tower of DVD-r since then almost no use , recently retired the eeepc 701 the battery is dead, will buy one in the future. Wife throw away two older PCs without telling me cause she new I'd not let her without dismantling them first for the sound/video cards. Both the Spectrum and the ZX81 are safe @claudiom @climagic

@ghostdancer @lastfuture @climagic Oh, I forgot to mention the AMD Phenom II X4 865 BE desktop which is my main rig.

@ghostdancer Time to get rid of her, lol! (Just kidding.)

My vintage gear:
- Apple IIGS
- Macintosh Quadra 650
- Motorola StarMax 4000
- Power Macintosh G4 (Sawtooth)
- Power Macintosh G4 (MDD)
- Power Macintosh G5
- Old Intel Celeron D 335 PC
- Eee PC 901 netbook

@lastfuture @climagic

@climagic I gotta be honest: I think not using an usb stick for this is hilarious

@climagic: Nice to still see people use separate /usr/ partitions despite the unholy alliance of #usrmerge and #systemd seem to have taken over most of the #Linux world.

@climagic You know, I wish I’d seen this on Thursday when I was installing Debian on my new used ThinkPad. I was considering multiple partitions but decided against it because I can never decide how much of the disk each partition should get.

Moin 🖖 @climagic
Well, I've some similar thoughts about partitions
Some copypastes from that GUI interface

/dev/sda1 999 MB — 850 MB frei (14,9% belegt) boot

/dev/sda2 499 GB (499.105.399.808 Bytes) Erweiterte Partition
/dev/sda5 4,8 GB swap Auslagerungsspeicher (Version 1) – Aktiv
/dev/sda6 20 GB — 9,7 GB frei (51,5% belegt) Ext4 (Version 1.0) – Eingehängt in Dateisystemwurzel
/dev/sda7 474 GB — 407 GB frei (14,1% belegt)

@climagic if it would be win xp youd have big troubles by now :D

@climagic and an old 3Ware raid card :) (maybe the ones that didn't support >2TB drives ;) )

@climagic Right back at ya. And the worst part is this server runs most of my home infrastructure - dns,dhcp,webdav,lamp,subversion server, etc..

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