youtube-dl -t # You can use youtube-dl from to download videos from Youtube and other video sites. No copyright infringement intended. 🤣

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@climagic a very neat thing is mpv has youtube-dl support built in, so you can also mpv

One common problem is, youtube-dl in your OS repos gets outdated pretty quickly. The following shell alias can help with that:

alias mpv="PYTHONPATH=$YOUDL mpv"

granted you have a checkout of youtube-dl git repository at $YOUDL. A couple other aliases I like using:

alias ydl="PYTHONPATH=$YOUDL python3 $YOUDL/bin/youtube-dl"

# Medium quality
alias ydl720="ydl -f 'bestvideo[height<=720]+bestaudio/best[height<=720]'"

alias ydlup="(cd $YOUDL && git pull)"

# downloads urls from STDIN, line by line
alias ydlmusic="ydlup && ydl --extract-audio --audio-format vorbis --audio-quality 3 --no-progress --batch-file -"

-embed-thumbnail --add-metadata and a dump of other options. 

@cadadr @climagic might give filesystems/media players a nice summary?

In ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf

Or some other resolution too avoid ridiculously high resolution, though i have had freezing issues with this setting.

Tho not recently? If it does happen, this script can allow change the format on the fly.

subtiltes and other metadata 

@cadadr @climagic also subtitles --write-sub --write-auto-sub though i am not sure how to short-circuit those options so mpv immediately can show subtitles, other than having a script download them in the same directory and then running it.

For archiving --write-description --write-info-json --write-annotations could be useful, though the jsons are kindah big. (zstd compresses them a lot)

@climagic With the integrated format conversion, this is a great way to turn your favorite video podcast to an audio one for listening on the go

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