How many years old were you when you started using the command line?

@climagic when I first started using computers, there only was the command line - or at least a mixture of it and BASIC, the Acorn machines widely used at my high school had a proper OS command structure (OSCLI)

@vfrmedia @climagic Strongly agree. One also need to ask "when did you start using a computer", otherwise it's hard to interpret the results.

@climagic I voted "under 18" because I was a kid when I was using the command line as that's the only interface there was, and with a BASIC interpreter only.

I guess I was a little confused by the wording of the question.

@claudiom MSX-BASIC and MSX-DOS here, so perhaps not exactly how @climagic meant it, but it is how I'll interpret it. :)

believe it or not, that actually was unintentional xD

@claudiom Same here.

If we wanted games, we would have to copy them by hand from a printed listing.

I hated the DATA instruction most, in BASIC.

The youngs are a bunch of lazy spoiled slow growing children nowadays.


@ffeth Ahhh, I remember those days very well. Staying up late at night furiously typing in the code for the games listed on a particular section of Family Computing magazine. 😁 @climagic

@claudiom Now they're like «hey, advertisement is a necessary evil if I want games».


#lotus123, #edit, #edlin and ```copy con myfile``` were the beginning to magical spells in msdos(1996).

@climagic Which "command line" though? Mine was using a teletype connected to an Elliott 4130 when they ran it in timeshare mode. Otherwise it was a card punch, writing job command language (probably) and Algol60 programs. In about 1971 at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth... 😉

I am so lucky that i was blessed with a 64-bit system.

@climagic Like everyone of a certain age, BASIC at 10, but then TRS-DOS and LDOS by 12, then UNIX when I was 16.

@sebsauvage Dans ma tête, je t'imaginais toujours comme un jeune trentenaire... En fait t'es plus vieux que moi 😱

@climagic I have 'used' it before my 18th, but functionally using it was around the Ubuntu 8.04 era. And still almost daily, for updates and whatnot 😎👍

@climagic i was 7, it was 1996, and our home computer was a tandy 1500 that we used mostly for playing games made by Big Blue Disk. Kingdom of Kroz was a big part of my childhood

@climagic when I started using Linux, 11 years ago. I was 17.

@Deuchnord @climagic With Linux and a little bit of Windows console 6-7 years ago, at 16-17.

@climagic depends what you call a command line.
Does load "program", 8,1 count?
In that case 13.

@climagic I had my first computer at 10, running either MS-DOS or DOS+ (and GEM as an optional GUI, but DOS was more fun). I probably started using interpreters at school one or two years earlier, I guess.
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