echo "Is this real life?" | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n | cowsay -n

@climagic Is that CoolRetroTerm? I love it, but I never manage to stick with it. The process repeats every few months. I'll use it for a week or two because it looks awesome, but then the novelty wears off and drift back to boring old Konsole. 😢

@climagic I feel there there should be some functional recursive way to write this! Using monads or some such shite

@debugninja You can also pipe, say, between figlet or cowsay and xmesg.

I use sleep <n>; xmessage <text> as a rudimentary alarm or timer. Stock xmesg display is too small.

So pump it up with Hans and Franz figlet.


@climagic macderps dont fear, cowsay is on brew, and you too can have the joy of piping a cow into a cow

@climagic saw this exact joke on twitter today without attribution. so sad

@climagic I saw this from someone's boost, and realized that I didn't know what would happen if I boosted a boost, and I'd probably wondered that for over a year by now, so of course, I did it (for the first time), and mastodon made it so I boosted the original post (OP aka over powered). Then I hit reply, and I expected the same thing to happen, and it did, here I am!

@lastfuture @climagic Could be cool-retro-term! It's like Cathode but open source and runs on Linux (in addition to Mac).

@climagic Thank you sooo much! You made me to have a look again at coolretroterm. I tried it long time ago and couldn't use it for at least my second terminal as it didn't support my keyboard layout. Actual version works fine! Again: Thank you soo much!

@climagic printf "$(printf "$(printf "$(echo "Is this real life?" | cowsay)\n\nis this just fantasy?" | cowsay -n)\n\ncaught in a landslide" | cowsay -n)\n\nno escape from reality" | cowsay -n


$ cowsay nigger ________ < nigger > -------- \ ^__^ \ (oo)\_______ (__)\ )\/\ ||----w | || ||

@climagic bonus version


echo "" > ${cowfile}

for line in "is this the real life?" \
"is this just fantasy?" \
"any way the wind blows" \
"doesn't really matter"
cow=`cat ${cowfile}`
echo -e "${cow}\n${line}" | cowsay -n > ${cowfile}

cat ${cowfile}

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