"In case you've never heard of Java, its an object oriented
programming language, similar to the latest .NET development languages like C#. However, it's been around far longer and is widely consider the original true developer language of choice." -- _planetminecraft

ESC=$'\e';tr -cd 0-9 </dev/urandom |fold -w$COLUMNS |while read line; do sed -r "s/(.{$((RANDOM%COLUMNS))})(.)(.*)/$ESC[32m\1$ESC[0m$ESC[32;1m
\2$ESC[0m$ESC[32m\3$ESC[0m/" <<<"$line"; done|pv -q -L$((COLUMNS*15)) # Matrix-like output. You can support me at www.patreon.com/climagic

convert -size 1000x600 -define gradient:radii=1000,500 radial-gradient:-#010101 -font Impact -pointsize 72 -fill white -gravity center -interline-spacing 50 -annotate 0,0 "Now with more arguments!" now-with-more-arguments.png # Make an impact with ImageMagick.

nnn # A command line based file manager that is quick to use, quick to learn and does many of the file manager things you'd probably want to do. Yes, it really is 3 letter n's.

yes "$(seq 231 -1 16)" | while read i; do printf "\x1b[48;5;${i}m\n"; sleep .02; done # Make colorful gradients in your shell

Looks like in ITaly they have figured out how to reuse old computer wires.

echo "$(($RANDOM % 9 + 1))" > /dev/udp/lights.climagic.com/45444 # Send a random number 1-9 over UDP to lights.climagic.com on port 45444

for i in {128512..128591} {128640..128725} ; do printf "\U$(echo "ibase=10;obase=16;$i;" | bc) " ; done ; echo # Your terminal in Linux may now support color emoji in case you didn't notice. 😵🙈

magiccow(){ echo 'Yes,Moooo!,Mooost likely,Connot predict cow,Without a doubt,My horses say no,Ask again latte' |tr ',' '\n' |sort -R |head -1 | { cowsay 2> /dev/null || cat; } | { lolcat 2>/dev/null || cat; }; } # Magic Cow answers for all. Works better with cowsay and lolcat.

eset;clear;x=$[COLUMNS/2];y=$LINES;u=0;v=-1;while :;do read -sr -t0.02 -n3 d; case "${d:2:1}" in A) v=-1;u=0;;B)v=1;u=0;;C) v=0;u=1;;D) v=0;u=-1;;esac;s=$x;t=$y;x=$[x+u];y=$[y+v];printf "\033[%s;%sH\033[46m \033[0m\033[%s;%sH\033[44m \033[0m\033[0;0H" $y $x $t $s;sleep .01;done # Run a Tron lightcycle in your terminal.

a=(697 770 852 941);b=(1209 1336 1477 1633);c='123A456B789C*0#D';while read -N1 l;do r="${c#*$l}";i=$((${}-${}-1));[ "$l" = "*" ]&&i=12;play -n synth sin ${a[$((i/4))]} sin ${b[$((i%4))]} remix - trim 0 0.2 2>/dev/null;done # Play DTMF tones using your keyboard. Uses sox pkg.

while true ; do cat globe.vt | pv -L9600 -q | GREP_COLORS="ms=01;32" egrep --color=always "[^ ]+" | GREP_COLORS="ms=01;44" egrep --color=always -e "\ +" | sed 's/^.\[01;44m//' ; done # Level up

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curl -s http://artscene.textfiles\.com/vt100/globe.vt | pv -L9600 -q # Spinning ASCII art globe. Visit the parent directory in that URL for more animations.

I think wttr.in by @igor_chubin wins the award for the best use of *blink* ever.

BTW, how to make a 2 frame animated gif using Imagemagick
convert -loop 0 -delay 70 1.png 2.png thunderstorm.gif

z=xdotool;x=100;y=300;$z mousemove $x $y;sleep 0.1;b=1;c=.2;f="scale=5;$x;$y;";for i in {1..999}; do f="${f}$x+$b*$i;$y+$c*$i;";done;$z mousedown 1;echo $f|bc|xargs -n2|while read x y ; do $z mousemove $x $y;sleep 0.01;done;$z mouseup 1 animation using xdotool. This used a town created and posted on the birdsite at twitter.com/TheUncannyXBen/sta

/usr/lib/xscreensaver/skyrocket -v 100 -m 100 -a 4 -x 60 # Endless fireworks started from the command line. Uses rss-glx package's skyrocket.

convert inputmemeimage.png -font impact -fill white -pointsize 84 -stroke black -strokewidth 3 -gravity north -annotate +0+20 'TOP MEME TEXT' -gravity south -annotate +0+20 'BOTTOM MEME TEXT' outputmemeimage.png # Make your own meme image using Imagemagick.

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