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There's been a lot of speculation about what is The Question - of Life, the Universe, and Everything - to which the answer is '42'.

Only now do we realise The Question is: How many Mastodon accounts is enough?

A ghost who lives in your house but all they do is rearrange your fridge magnets to spell out self care and helpful messages

I am in a very silly excitable mood today. Is this... not being exhausted? Is this what having a healthy night's sleep feels like??

Very good news for me; possibly not such a positive transformation for my content :P

LB incidentally, "The Amethyst Deceiver" is my FetLife name

You will all be pleased to know I got a decent amount of sleep last night so I should be less whiney today :P

Little bit of etymological gender subversion there from InspiroBot

if only the world
rough thread
with his kittens

pointless tech whinge 

Anyone thinking "ok dude it's just some slightly irritating software, it's not that big a deal, you should chill out and get some sleep" is 100% right.

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pointless tech whinge 

Just, like, every single day Jira and Confluence make my life just a little bit worse, a little bit harder. I really don't understand why we or anyone uses them. I understand that although the overall goals are fairly simple, getting the details right is much harder - but SO MANY of the details are wrong, and they never seem to evolve or improve, they just keep being bloated confusing messes with no consideration of how users actually operate / want to engage. Gah.

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pointless tech whinge 

Good Lord I hate Atlassian software so much.

Today's ridiculous bit of nonsense: I upload a couple of images to a Confluence page. The images are the right way up on my phone and on my desktop, but in the preview window they end up sideways; there's no apparent way to rotate them back again. I put a note to this effect in the page because I haven't got time to sort this out. I save the page. The images are displayed the correct way up. I edit the page and remove the note 😑

And, if I don't even understand the thing that is for people who don't understand the cool thing, does that mean I'm a real grown up now and have lost all hope of ever being cool

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Are Instagram stories just SnapChat for people who don't understand SnapChat, please explain

Mmm the ski trip we are planning for next year has been confirmed now and I am super excited about that, too ^__^

I <3 skiing SO MUCH. It's so peaceful and calm and beautiful and relaxing and therapeutic. So good for me! (The cramped accommodation not so much :) but it's worth it.)

⛷️ ⛷️ ⛷️

mental health, positive 

The dates of my fave music festival next year just got announced and I'm super excited because I didn't go this year coz my mental health was too bad but I am declaring that I WILL be well enough to go next year ^__^

food incompetence 

No actually I think 11:30pm is a perfectly acceptable dinner time and I also think a granola slice is a perfectly acceptable dinner

anyway the objectively correct rubric for the trolley problem is "kill the occupants of the self-driving car first" because the people who should be made to bear the heaviest weight of signing lives over to a machine are the people who funded the machine's existence

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