Technology improving learning – an edtech meta-analysis
I'm re-tuning my network antenna for a new open education tech project I am going to be working on.


I'll have more details to share on the project in the coming weeks, but suffice to say that it has put a spring in my step this week, thanks in no small part to providing me with the opportunity to deeply r

You'd think after 20 years of managing domains I would remember how to transfer one to someone else. The kind of task that I do once every 3-5 years, and I always have to ask my domain host for advice on how to do it.

open education advocates - @openorgbook community is working on an Open Educators guide. Y’all have loads of pre-existing work on a huge variety of topics that would be relevant, maybe you want to contribute:

"It is a requirement that you need to participate, but we are not going to reimburse you for expenses to travel to the meetings"

Accessibility testing with Blackboard Ally
Wrapped up a sandbox project last week that I have worked on with 5 BC post-sec institutions for the better part of the past year. I've coordinated the system wide testing of an accessibility product called Ally with 5 institutions: UBC, VCC, NIC, Langara College & Camosun College.

Ally is an interesting product. An LMS plugin that has three f

This has been the first visit with my dad where he did not know who I was. He didn't recognize me when I walked onto his ward 4 days ago and, while there has been glimpses of recognition during the 4 days I have been here, when I left this morning he tensed up, resist me and did not hug me back.

I thought I was better prepared for this inevitability.

Listening to Brexit coverage on BBC World Service today. Find it sadly ironic that the name of the BBC reporter covering the latest round of votes is Grimley.

The new US Postal Service commemorative stamp set dedicated to muppets

Open webinar coming up on March 19th focusing on research done out of Royal Roads University examining online harassement of women in academia

Account password restrictions that prevent me from using special characters and/or symbols forces me to make a weaker password than I normally would. Silly restriction for something "secure"

I have reached a point in a rather meaningless online argument where I either double down or just try to let it go.

Hey look! It's an EDUCAUSE article on Next Generation Course Management Systems from....ummmm, 16 years ago.

The article starts with "It's deja vu all over again".


We're always searching for the next generation. Like some kind of EdTech version of Groundhog Day.

This week at work I have had my head down analyzing two data sets for 2 seperate projects I am working on. My soundtrack has been long ambients1: calm. sleep. by moby it has been a great soundtrack to help me focus. Moby has made all 4 hours available for free

Myth: Papers in the Turnitin database are easily accessible by others so privacy is not protected.

Reality: Papers are secure from prying eyes. No one can go into the student database*

*unless the company is sold

BCcampus EdTech Research Fellowship Grants
Just wanted to amplify this project I am working on at BCcampus to try to spread the word about a research funding opportunity we have just launched: The EdTech Fellows Program.

The EdTech Fellows Program is modelled after other successful BCcampus research projects, including the OpenEd Fellowship and the Learning & Teaching Fellowship. Succe

Thought there were some good tips in this EDUCAUSE micro-learning module for presenters to make presentations more inclusive. The 4 best practices are (1) Model your identity (2) Invite Everyone (3) Tone Matters and (4) Relations > Content

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