Great blog post from
@cogdog building on his Between the Chapters show on BBS's with
@laurapasquini. I've always been impressed by the types of network learning projects that Alan talks about that emerged from the mid 90's Maricopa system

Universal Design for Learning: A Practical Guide (PDF) CC-BY guide created by Dr. Seanna Takacs (KPU) and Junsong Zhang (JIBC)

Well, I never expected that MOOC's and e-learning would feature as a topic on The Debaters, but hey that's 2020 for ya

The Debaters - 1508: E-Learning & NASCAR on Stitcher

I am setting up a SPLOT for next week as there will be creating & sharing. The SPLOT is one option for folx to share what they create. If you have never used a SPLOT before, here's a 60 second tutorial I put together on how to SPLOT

"Some students also said they’ve wept with stress or urinated at their desks because they were forbidden from leaving their screens."

Read that again and tell me how it is anyway acceptable that students feel pressured to urinate at their desks for fear of reprisal. Is trying to catch a few cheats more important than basic human dignity?

"The landscape of data privacy has been framed as a technical and legal issue, when the reality is an ethical one: students at academic institutions around the world are subject to being tracked and surveilled by learning platforms in the course of daily studies."

Why Higher Ed Needs Data Ethics

Study on gender bias on student evaluations & TA's. 136 students in asynch class were asked to evaluate their TA's, one male & one female. Male received higher evaluations while female received 5 times as many negative reviews. The TA was the same person

TIL about comedian Sarah Cooper's connection to Google. Before jumping into comedy/writing full-time she worked for Google as the manager of the team who designed Google Slides & Docs. Learned that fun fact listening to her interview on Sway

It's not all waffles & FIFA while on vacation this week. Also some final marking, and some audio editing for the audio podcast version of which starts Monday

RT @MarenDeepwell
For @A_L_T's upcoming winter conference we are offering scholarship places: 2 days of in an expert community, with access to our jobs board, event resources & a full academic and social programme - apply now and please RT

One week away from the launch of the audio podcast version of 25 Years of EdTech. You can subscribe to the podcast feed at and take part in the convo over the next 25 weeks using the hasthtag

“Just the fact that professors might have access to seeing me ticcing, over and over again — it feels like an invasion of privacy with something that all my life, I’ve been pretty good at hiding"

Openly released as it should be for almost all information gathered & created by a publicly funded organization.

"The agreement puts much of the W.H.O.’s material into the Wikimedia “commons,” meaning it can be reproduced or retranslated anywhere"

WTF Alberta?

"Curriculum advisers hand-picked by the Alberta government are recommending changes to the kindergarten-to-Grade 4 curriculum for fine arts and social studies that would eliminate all references to residential schools and "equity."

existential dread levels are holding at 100%

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

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