Wallowing in our corproate wiki & am haunted by the ghosts of projects past that I spent so much time putting together that never went anywhere. Proof that if my career was in sales of any kind, my kids would likely starve.

It happens occasionally when you work at home. It gets to be 10pm and you suddenly realize that you have not left the house all day.

Everyday the growing narrative of the M.I.T. Epstein story makes me angrier and angrier. Today, Richard Stallman.

The victims were willing?

The age of the exploited is a "minor detail"?

This all just makes me want to puke. The only thing that is "morally absurd" here is Stallman's attempt to invalidated and obfuscate the pain and suffering of the victims.

It's beyond morally absurd actually. It's repugnant.


Early findings from SFU @hypothes_is research "By creating a space for discussion within the course readings themselves, SA tools like Hypothesis can help students learn, share ideas, understand new perspectives, and feel connected with one another." scholcommlab.ca/2019/08/27/soc

I mean, I don't neccesarily have a problem with the ethical use of data and analytics to make decisions, but I do have a problem with the false sense of urgency that is created by the use of hyperbolic statements that something will "save" us.

Hallelujah! Praise be to data! Analytics are here to SAVE HIGHER EDUCATION!!!!!!

Save from what? From who? Why do groups keep throwing up narratives that education is broken and in need of saving? Like we all need more existential threats hanging over us.


Pretty sure printers are designed by the same people who designed the rack, thumbscrews, and the iron maiden.

When The Web came online in 1991 Berners-Lee would be emailed links for him to include in his "official" directory. Until indexing the entire Web by hand that way could no longer scale.

Search engines like Alta Vista took over, and when Google came around people didn't see why we needed *another* search engine. But those have their own competing interests.

Personally I think the best approach is not to try to index the whole Web, just choose a topic and share the best resources for it.

Hacking away in his spare time, this high school student discovered a vulnerability that exposed millions of Blackboard student records > "The state of cybersecurity in education software is really bad, and not enough people are paying attention to it." wired.com/story/teen-hacker-sc

Workshops, presentations and publications

OpenETC: Where we've been & where we're going, with Brian Lamb, Grant Potter, Tannis Morgan, ETUG (June 2019)


When I Grow Up I Want to be a Learning Technologist (said no child ever), Gasta talk, 2018 ALT Conference, Manchester, UK (September 2018)
The Innovators: How open educators are using open technology to create great learning experiences, BCNET

We have a couple new positions at BCcampus. We're looking for 2 new Open Education advisers, one for Northern BC and one for the Interior bccampus.ca/about-us/careers/

Can a man mansplain to another man? I guess we already have words for that - patronizing, condescending, asshat....

@dajbelshaw just read this week's Thought Shrapnel and I am so sorry to read of the passing of your friend. Take care, Doug.

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