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Clint Lalonde

My organization BCcampus is looking for an OpenEd Advisor. Knowledge of the British Columbia post-secondary education system strongly recommended

Interesting post from the UBC Faculty Association about privacy and the LMS. Thrust of the article is that there are unknown admin users in faculty courses inside the LMS who have a lot of power & can monitor interactions between faculty & students. First time I have seen this kind of concern voiced by a faculty union

Started using Rambox last week to aggregate all my chat-type accounts. Happy to see that they support Mastodon.

Tara Robertson from the Centre for Accessible Post-secondary Educational Resources (CAPER) is compiling/crowd-sourcing a document on HOW TO organize inclusive and accessible events. If you are planning a conference and/or event, there are some really good resources here

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I view as just part of an emerging network of cooperative clouds. is another similar project. But we absolutely need coops to deploy the awesome open cloud tools out there.

Remember Delicious, the social bookmarking service? Remember the massive exodus to new services that popped up, like Pinboard?

Yeah, well Pinboard (run by one guy) just announced they bought Delicious!

A decade of EdTech blogging. My blog turned 10 yesterday. Seems like a timely moment to wrap things up in one space and make a blogging shift

Any instances of Mastodon popping up specific for folks in higher education?

On the importance of having time to think. This resonates with me. I often find that I don't really know how to react about something until a few days pass. I need to go away, process (or sometimes stew), and then revisit.

Bonus: the article has a nice bit of history on how the 5 day 40 hour work week became the default in our society.

h/t @dajbelshaw

Fired up Tiny Tiny RSS on our instance of Sandstorm. Going to try to use that as my primary RSS reader for the next month and see if I can break away from Feedly.

Wwll, this is interesting. BC Green & NDP announcing right now that they are going to try to form gov't in British Columbia.

Woke up this morning to a local Victoria story on the cover of the New York Times. It's a beautiful read about the final days of local activist John Shields and his decision to end his own life under Canada's assisted-dying law.

At His Own Wake, Celebrating Life and the Gift of Death