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Not sure how to best talk about what is happening right now, but I know that many use social media as a way to professionally communicate with me so feel I have to let you know that I am currently on leave from work to focus on my family. Hope this will be a short term thing.

Some corporate video conferencing news of note for BC higher ed where BlueJeans is a provincial shared service > Verizon buys Bluejeans

we've never seen alcohol levels like this

(99%) ■■■■■■■■■□

@mackiwg Did you by any chance record last week's COVID OERu webinar?

nightmare levels are 62% and steady

(62%) ■■■■■■□□□□

The Queen did her speech to the nation while wearing green

This has resulted in exactly what you'd expect

(collection of images follows, all showing the Queen photoshopped to be wearing various t-shirts)

This report on Zoom from UofT's Citizen Lab gets deep into the technical guts of Zoom, taking a close look at their problematic encryption using encryption keys from servers in Beijing

Using cell phone location data to track movements of groups of people is creepy. But when the data is used to clearly illustrate deep inequities in our society, it can be a powerful tool

For those who support instructors at post-secondary institutions, Phil Hill's blog post may provide a useful roadmap of what teaching & learning may look like over the next year

Great initiative from OERu and Commonwealth of Learning to support educators looking to make use of OER in their transition to online learning

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