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I've moved from to a new Mastodon instance at the OERu. You can now find me at

I've moved from to a new Mastodon instance at the OERu. You can now find me at

Also, if you see account has started following you, that is indeed me working my way through account migration

I am now 3 hours and one fatal error message into trying to migrate to a new instance. Granted, I am trying to blog the process as I go so that is taking the whole process longer than expected. But I am now at the "is this really worth it?" stage.

Champions League potential spoiler 

This entire Manchester City Real Madrid series has been bonkers. Just total bonkers.

Also, here is another reason to love the CW option. I am a soccer/football fan and I don't know how many times I have inadvertently popped onto social media and stumbled on a sports spoiler for a game that I am recording to watch later.

.......and today it has switched back to read "Direct messages" from "Conversations" looks like some interface tweaking is happening on the fly, at least on instance

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Registration is now open for the ETUG spring workshop May 26 - 27, 2022. The theme for the spring workshop is the opportunities and challenges of supporting flipped, HyFlex, or hybrid learning models

Government of Canada signs the Declaration for the Future of the Internet which calls for an "open, free, global, interoperable, reliable and secure" Internet for all.

I'm super honored to join Creative Commons to focus on community and communications for better sharing. Ping me to talk about CC!

I'm soooo proud of the work I've done with the Hypothesis community and team over the last five years. My heart will always be with #SocialAnnotation. I'll still see you in the open margins!

Now that @acoolidge has joined Mastodon I have to update my list of Open Educators & educational technologists on Mastodon

Lovely walk into the office today, although I hope there are others coming in because I forgot my keys. Clearly I am not in the "going to the office groove" just yet.

"Ultimately, truly public spaces cannot be for sale. If Musks’ attempt to buy Twitter should teach us one thing it is that democratic societies must invest into truly public spaces that are not subject to centralised ownership. We need a new type of public institution that distributes the provision of interoperable public spaces across a wide spectrum of public institutions, civic initiatives and ultimately gives their contributors a stake in their governance."

"A conceptualization of digital media literacy that focuses solely on technical skills problematically individualizes the issue and frames users as passive consumers of the internet. This has significant consequences for people and communities across Canada whose quality of life and civic engagement depends on being able to critically navigate networked technologies."

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From Access to Engagement: Building a Digital Media Literacy Strategy for Canada - a new report from MediaSmarts & Digital Public Square that looks to develop a national framework for digital media literacy in Canada

It's looking like f2f after work beverages with colleagues is happening tomorrow after work for the first time in <checks watch> um, 2 1/2 years.

Mastodon provides several tools for managing your timeline.

You can add notes to any profile. Why did you follow them? Are they a repeat offender? Remind yourself.

You can disable boosts on a per-user basis. Maybe you want to see a user's posts, but not everything that interests them.

You can temporarily mute an account while they get something out of their system.

You filter out posts with specific words, hashtags or phrases.

And when all else fails: block, unfollow, or mute indefinitely.

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Was thinking on the weekend of how my use of Twitter & Mastodon will likely evolve in parallel.

There are still many organizations that I follow on Twitter that provide useful content. Those orgs are not on Mastodon & I don't want to lose those sources of info.

Mastodon, on the other hand, has been much more about person to person connections.

I can see my use of Twitter evolving to be primarily consumption based while Mastodon will be contributions & conversations.

Still trying to get used to this and trying to rebuild my Twitter network and of course make some new friends. Any #TEL #EdTech #PhD in #Education #HigherEducation #HE #LearningTechnology peers out there?

Video includes historical scenes of civil disobedience 

For International Workers Day. It's a trickle down world like you're stuck in cement

We're here! 🤗 Follow along for news about , which will be virtual on October 17-20. Call for proposals closes May 27th.

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