Fall run. It's been 1 year since I began running on a consistent basis, which led to me running my first 10k race in the spring. It has been one of the better habits I've picked up in the pandemic.

Facebook didn’t build Instagram. It bought it, explicitly to neutralize a competitor. That raises the question of whether that merger should have been permitted in the first place, and whether it should be unwound today. eff.org/deeplinks/2021/10/what

Popped into the office last week for the first time in 10 months. Needed to retrieve some important artifacts from my desk.

2020 may have been a dumpster fire of a year, but it certainly produced a bumper crop of great books on higher education, OpenEd, digital pedagogy and EdTech linkedin.com/pulse/some-great-

The CC Open Education Platform is hosting a series of free open education “lightning talks” in which open education practitioners will discuss their work (7 minutes) and take questions (2 minutes) Dec 8, 11, 17 creativecommons.org/2020/12/07

Open Peeps - a hand-drawn illustration library available with a CC0 (Public Domain) license openpeeps.com/

Using H5P to get meta with H5P metadata. H5P has the ability to assign a Creative Commons licence to each activity. Here's how you do that kitchen.opened.ca/2020/12/02/m

The archive from the last BCcampus H5P Pressbooks webinar is now up. Our first round grantees show off some of the work they have done creating H5P activities that align with open textbooks kitchen.opened.ca/2020/11/09/n

"The primary finding of this study is that a large number of educators found the open textbooks they reviewed to be of sufficient quality for use in teaching and of comparable or better quality than commercial textbooks." ijoer.org/a-qualitative-analys

"These companies quickly become extremely powerful and influential and engage in actions designed to protect reputation and market share that we should find abhorrent when measured against the values we hold for education." insidehighered.com/blogs/just-

Great blog post from
@cogdog building on his Between the Chapters show on BBS's with
@laurapasquini. I've always been impressed by the types of network learning projects that Alan talks about that emerged from the mid 90's Maricopa system cogdogblog.com/2020/11/bs-bbs/

Universal Design for Learning: A Practical Guide (PDF) CC-BY guide created by Dr. Seanna Takacs (KPU) and Junsong Zhang (JIBC) ctli.jibc.ca/wp-content/upload

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