When The Web came online in 1991 Berners-Lee would be emailed links for him to include in his "official" directory. Until indexing the entire Web by hand that way could no longer scale.

Search engines like Alta Vista took over, and when Google came around people didn't see why we needed *another* search engine. But those have their own competing interests.

Personally I think the best approach is not to try to index the whole Web, just choose a topic and share the best resources for it.

Hacking away in his spare time, this high school student discovered a vulnerability that exposed millions of Blackboard student records > "The state of cybersecurity in education software is really bad, and not enough people are paying attention to it." wired.com/story/teen-hacker-sc

Workshops, presentations and publications

OpenETC: Where we've been & where we're going, with Brian Lamb, Grant Potter, Tannis Morgan, ETUG (June 2019)


When I Grow Up I Want to be a Learning Technologist (said no child ever), Gasta talk, 2018 ALT Conference, Manchester, UK (September 2018)
The Innovators: How open educators are using open technology to create great learning experiences, BCNET

We have a couple new positions at BCcampus. We're looking for 2 new Open Education advisers, one for Northern BC and one for the Interior bccampus.ca/about-us/careers/

Can a man mansplain to another man? I guess we already have words for that - patronizing, condescending, asshat....

@dajbelshaw just read this week's Thought Shrapnel and I am so sorry to read of the passing of your friend. Take care, Doug.

Why I want to try Mattermost for classroom discussions
I am preparing to teach another course in digital facilitation for Royal Roads, and this time around I want to try using Mattermost, an open source Slack-like application, as the main focal point for student interactions.

I am going to do a direct replacement here for this first time around, replacing the Moodle discus

Spitballing a definition of Open Homework Systems
To wrap up this week's posts on on homework systems, I thought I would try to create something a bit more concrete than my previous ramblings (What is a homework system?, and Early thoughts on my new open homework systems project).

I want to try to define what a homework system is, and what an open homework system is. I'd really love your feedback on these d

What is a homework system?
Further to my post yesterday about my new project at BCcampus, I am doing some thinking/research on the term "homework system" as that is the defined technical scope of my project. So before I kick into high gear, I need to have a good semantic grasp of what that phrase means to help me know what is in and out of scope.

First off, if you know of a good working technical definition of what a "homework sys

Early thoughts on my new open homework systems project
A few weeks ago I started a new, 2 year BCcampus project that will explore open source alternatives to commercial online homework systems. I want to try to blog much of my early thinking about this project, so expect a lot of thinking out loud posts in the coming weeks as I work towards formalizing an actual project plan for the next 2 years.


Standing up for students privacy an Gasta story
One of the things I brought back with me from last years ALT-C in Manchester was the Gasta presentation format, pioneered by the Irish Learning Technology Association.

Essentially, a Gasta session is a series of 5 minute lightning talks (think Pecha Kucha) created by the ITLA's Tom Farrelly and Tony Murphy. Tom has recently written

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. An gratitude post
Of all the events I attend (and occasionally organize), none are closer to my heart than the ones organized by ETUG. The Education Technology User Group has been around since 1994 and, for the past 18 months, I have been on the Stewardship Committee of ETUG, representing BCcampus.

ETUG has li

We're going to be Virtually Connecting from this week. Sign up and join us in the Virtual Connecting sessions on Thursday virtuallyconnecting.org/blog/2

JIBC's Tannis Morgan keynote from Open Apereo "The Future of EdTech in Higher Education When Open Source is a Radical Solution" youtube.com/watch?v=SUQkIjc4bP

The dirty word that is Technologist
Are you a Learning Engineer? It&#8217;s a new (to me) title/role that seems to be in vogue right now to describe what I would call an Instructional Designer or, in Martin Weller&#8217;s world, a Learning Designer. But, as Martin notes in his post, this new moniker is more than semantics. It could be marking a <a class="read-more" href="edtechfactotum.com/the-dirty-w

Technology improving learning – an edtech meta-analysis
I'm re-tuning my network antenna for a new open education tech project I am going to be working on.


I'll have more details to share on the project in the coming weeks, but suffice to say that it has put a spring in my step this week, thanks in no small part to providing me with the opportunity to deeply r

You'd think after 20 years of managing domains I would remember how to transfer one to someone else. The kind of task that I do once every 3-5 years, and I always have to ask my domain host for advice on how to do it.

open education advocates - @openorgbook community is working on an Open Educators guide. Y’all have loads of pre-existing work on a huge variety of topics that would be relevant, maybe you want to contribute: github.com/open-organization-a

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