One of my favorite internet distractions is cruising European city streets in Google Street View. Today I found myself in a Bratislava fountain plaza.

There is a disconnect between what learners say is their learning style, and what their teacher believes their learning style is.

Also: learning styles are a myth.

We're getting to a tipping point where we will soon be utterly reliant on technology to help humans discern what is real and what is fake. Just like technology to require more technology to fix the problems technology creates.

Every now and then I remember the counterintuitive bureaucratic maneuver to call in sick whilst on vacation, to get it reclassified as a sick day

At first, it is so outside your usual frame of reference as to be nigh unthinkable, but then you get used to the thought and realize that it's an actual thing you can do in some places, and that this probably hints at other possibilities hiding in bureaucratic plain sight

Some practical lessons I am taking away from dealing with my father: take care of your business now. Have a designated power of attorney, have a designated health authority agreement in place, and above all, talk to the people who are close to you about what you want to happen if and when the time comes when you cannot make those decisions yourself.

I am having a hard day today. My dad had (in the language of the world of dementia) a reactive episode a little over a week ago. The police were called and he has been in the hospital in Thunder Bay since. Yesterday the decision by the hospital is that he should remain there for the foreseeable future until space comes available for a full behavioural assessment at a long term care facility. We had hoped to move him to Victoria where all of his kids live, but that plan has now been put on hold.

It has been a day where I came to work with 1 very small task that I wanted to complete....and am leaving working having failed at completing that said task. It has been one of those days where distractions have ben everywhere, not the least of which was stumbling on the early years archives of a community of practice I steward. This is like a bright shiny bauble for my inner crow.

My 14 y old daughter wants a very specific makeup kit for Christmas this year. I am realizing that the economics of false scarcity is alive and well in the high end makeup market. ONE DAY ONLY RELEASE! SOLD OUT IN 20 MINUTES!

This has been my life for the past 3 weeks. HYPE to build an exclusive and hard to get brand as intentional mareting campaign. This could very well be my Jingle All The Way moment this Christmas. This makeup is the 2018 version of the Cabbage Patch Kid

Thanks for the boost for the work of the OpenETC here in BC @Downes I've written a few posts about Sandstorm and the OpenETC if you are interested

Whaaaat? I can install Tiny Tiny RSS Reader on our new xBox? I wonder who the heck is reading feeds on their xBox?

More about Sandstorm app hosting if you are not familiar:
RT Our handy open source Sandstorm apps live on BCNet EduCloud servers - 100% FIPPA compliant, securely storing all data within British Columbia.

And we don't need no stinkin' TRACKERS!

This might be one of the most succinct definitions of open pedagogy I've seen "At its core, open pedagogy is teaching practices that facilitate the collaborative and transparent construction of knowledge made openly available through online communities."

At the intersection of Open Pedagogy and Critical Information Literacy. This is a really interesting project being led by UBC's Erin Fields working with Dave Gaertner exploring Indigenous representation on Wikipedia

The first 4 I knew...but #5 is new to me. Good tip for searching based on geography. For example, how is the grey cup covered in the UK? site:UK "grey cup"

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