Subversive Teaching
[caption id="attachment_1714" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Holy shit screen shot from] A 9x9x25 post from Peg French last week triggered a memory of one of the first books on teaching practice that I ever read; Teaching as a Subversive Activity by Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner. I came across this book not as a student of…[...]

Managing all those web apps with Rambox
  The nature of my work means I need to be very nimble with the technologies I use to communicate with different groups of people. In addition to the internal tools we use at BCcampus (a mixture of RocketChat, Skype, Bluejeans, Basecamp, Confluence and Zimbra), I am also involved with numerous communities, collaboratives, working groups…[...]

I mean, want a concrete example? 100 years ago in Canada, if you were a First Nations child, chances are your school was Yeah. Education hasn't changed.

Don't buy the rhetoric that education hasn't changed in 100 years. I see it with my kids. Education has evolved and changed compared to the one I was in. Granted, it's not perfect (nothing ever is), but arguing it hasn't changed is just not accurate

In early stages of researching a possible SoTL project & looking for any leads on empirical research around student motivation wrt doing assignments that will be open to the public on the web. How does working on the open web change how they appraoch an assignmnet? Does it motivate them to do "better" work? Does it inhibit them? I'm going to dig into some Wikieducator research and suspect there are some articles from blog research. But thought I'd see if any of you had recommendations.

“How much was the direction of the Internet influenced by the perspective of nineteen-, twenty-, twenty-one-year-old well-off white boys? That’s a real question that sociologists will be studying forever.”

-- Ezra Callahan, from Valley of Genius (The Uncensored History of Silicon Valley) by Adam Fisher, page 369

Check out all the newspaper articles #OpenEd18 people wrote!! Very impressive...I had much less success getting participants in that very conference to edit wiki several years ago. Kudos to Amy, Katie, Bonnie. … cc @mackiwg @cogdog @actualham @Downes

Some IndieWeb WordPress tuning
Been spending a bit of time in the past 2 days adding some new functionality to the blog. I am amking more of an effort to write more, thanks in no small part to the 9x9x25 blog challenge I am doing with Ontario Extend. As a result, I am spending more time here lately &…[...]

I know many people love fall, but I always get melancholy and in a bit of a funk, even when the weather is lovely and the trees are beautiful. Shorter days and nature in full fall transition just makes me feel unsettled and anxious.

A few weeks ago, I was a virtual attendee at a member meeting of a regional higher ed I.T. consortium.
One of the speakers at the event was an I.T. vendor who continually kept referring to students as “your customers”. Now, once or twice in a vendor presentation is annoying. But he kept repeating it over and over again to the point where I got so frustrated that I did what most people do when they are frustrated these days. I vented on Twitter. And then wrote a blog post

In agreeing to this new #NAFTA or #USMCA, Canada allows the US to impose its wrong-headed "intellectual property" restrictions. After multiple copyright consultations in Canada & other agreements revealing we don't support these, this shouldn't be acceptable! Look at this alarming section on "intellectual property"

New NAFTA deal will extend Canadian copyright from 50+ years after death of author, to 70+ years after death. That means 20 more years where cultural works are locked up and unavailable to enter the Public Domain.

Also some signifigant changes to data sovereignty requirements that will especially affect BC and Nova Soctia residents, where privacy laws restrict where personally identifiabe data can be stored. Expect those types of legislative protections to be challenged under this new deal.

A prompt to kick my blogging into high gear for the fall. Just signed up for the 9x9x25 challenge with @ontarioextend 9 blog posts over 9 weeks each a minimum of 25 sentences. Starts October 1 extend-domains.ecampusontario.

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