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@clhendricksbc Happy birthday! I hit the big 5-0 last year. It doesn't feel as old as the 20 year old me thought it might.

Totally with you on the unstable joints thing.

Tara Robertson from the Centre for Accessible Post-secondary Educational Resources (CAPER) is compiling/crowd-sourcing a document on HOW TO organize inclusive and accessible events. If you are planning a conference and/or event, there are some really good resources here

@Tdorey full marks to you for taking all that on. The site looks great. And more importantly, made by you.

@lightweight we've been on OwnCloud at work, but watching the developments closely. How come you decided Next vs Own?

@clhendricksbc You can always just load into your WordPress media library and link from there. Alternatively, you could use WordPress as your presentation software. Here are some options

@mattcropp @bob @dixongexpat

I view as just part of an emerging network of cooperative clouds. is another similar project. But we absolutely need coops to deploy the awesome open cloud tools out there.

Remember Delicious, the social bookmarking service? Remember the massive exodus to new services that popped up, like Pinboard?

Yeah, well Pinboard (run by one guy) just announced they bought Delicious!

@dogtrax Thanks. I think there are likely familiar themes and narratives for those of us who jumped in fairly early and have stuck with it for awhile. Especially if you may have felt a bit on the outside of the traditional academic model.

@TheWayneGibbons @Tdorey @theartguy that is what I'm looking for, too. One of the benefits of federated for me is that it can be filter layer 1. On Twitter, I control with lists, but having local instance might make it easier to minimize noise. Cause Twitter has much noise.

A decade of EdTech blogging. My blog turned 10 yesterday. Seems like a timely moment to wrap things up in one space and make a blogging shift

Any instances of Mastodon popping up specific for folks in higher education?

@jasongreen are you running your own instance? Nice