So....this new Google AI Assistant. Someday in the not too distance future when you get that spammy automated phone call from "Revenue Canada", the automated voice on the other end might just convince you that it is really Revenue Canada calling.

@clintlalonde Just pay your taxes Clint and they'll stop calling :)

@easegill Shhhh. This is why I flock to off the grid social media alternatives, like mastodon. They'll never find me here :)

@clintlalonde When I was younger I went for many years without a phone because of annoying phone calls (mostly debt collectors). I can imagine people would react the same way if they started being called by trolling AIs impersonating humans.

@Downes I agree, and I think this shift from the phone (in the traditional sense) being the primary tool of choice for communication has happened. My kids don't talk on the telephone with friends anymore. It is either text, video, or (increasingly) in-game convo's. Personally, I dislike phone calls. Find they are interruptions.

It's my Dad's generation that I worry most about. My Dad and his partner have been victims of phone scams, both sophisticated and simple.

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