Not sure why I am always surprised by the lack of backchannel chatter at this tech conference I am at. 700 higher ed technologists and maybe 4 on Twitter. This is probably the 5th year I've come to this conference and it is the same every year.

@clintlalonde Maybe they're using some secret backchannel service they haven't told you about (and keep secret from you). ;)

@Downes Knowing this crowd, I wouldn't be surprised if they are all hanging around on an undernet channel somewhere.

@clintlalonde @Downes

That’s a lot of edtech right there! What conference is it? And I wouldn’t be surprised if Stephen is right. Maybe Twitter isn’t the back channel de jour for ed techies lately?

@chendricks I wish it were edtech's. These are the straight up techies. Network admins, CIO's, helpdesk support, security folks. Heavy on the tech and low on the ed. 700 an exageration. Realistically, about half that here at BCNET. But it has always been that way. Not a big backchannel crowd.

@clintlalonde Ah, I see. I don’t know what that crowd is only experience with tech really has been with the ed!

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