Whaaaat? I can install Tiny Tiny RSS Reader on our new xBox? I wonder who the heck is reading feeds on their xBox?

...when you try to do a webcast for anyone in a government office...

Really looking forward to this one. SAVE THE DATE: ETUG’s 25th anniversary conference June 20-21, 2019 at TRU in Kamloops. etug.ca/2018/11/15/save-the-da

My dad spent 20+ years as a trades instructor at a community college. This was his classroom and these were his students in 1978

I've been at work since November trying to get a project off the ground. Right now it's feeling like...

Time for this meme to die.

On the A/O scale
Annoying <--------+--> Offensive

Taking part in some MOOC research, and I am being asked to rate myself on a scale for each of these statements. I find the word combination choices frustrating. Can I not be introverted and enthusiastic? Disorganized, yet careful? Conventional and creative? Why the false binaries?


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